Listen again: How to ride out lockdown (Tide Masterclass)

Continuing our Masterclass series during the coronavirus outbreak, we teamed up with Tom Szekeres to offer this Masterclass online.

Tom is a tech consultant, strategist and trainer. As well as helping individuals and businesses grow and develop, he understands it from the inside because he runs his own small business.

This Masterclass took place on 14 April 2020. If you couldn’t join us on the day or you’d like a recap, you can watch the recording below.

Masterclass: How to ride out lockdown

How to make sure your business survives then thrives

In this Masterclass, Tom Szekeres presents his techniques to help small businesses and freelancers survive the financial and emotional shock of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The session is suitable for freelancers, sole traders and small businesses. Here’s what you’ll hear about:

  • steadying the ship
  • getting help from the Government and tech firms
  • looking after yourself and your team
  • how to work better, remotely
  • switching up your business model
  • preparing for future challenges by building resilience

In the session, we also heard from participants about their experiences and Tom answered questions. Don’t miss this lively, information and interactive session!

About Tom Szekeres

Tom has 12 years’ experience in digital technology and change. He’s currently focusing on digital strategy and execution, helping leaders and companies understand technological change.

Find out more about and connect with Tom on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

About Tide Masterclasses

Tide exists to help small businesses. We make your financial admin easier so you can spend more time doing what you love. Our Masterclasses are just one of the ways we support you and your small business.

In the sessions – currently happening online – we gather experts, often Tide members, to share insights and practical advice you can put into action straight away.

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Main photo courtesy of Tom Szekeres