Tide’s Crisis Code – how to do the right thing during the coronavirus outbreak

Most of us have never lived through a crisis like what’s happening worldwide this year. New situations call for new rules so here at Tide, we’d like to propose some guidelines for how we can all help make this situation a little less difficult for everyone.

Take a look at our Crisis Code and if you agree, please share this post with your friends and contacts:

Tide’s Coronavirus Crisis Code for Businesses

  1. Pay on time, if you can
    Prioritise your invoices from small businesses.
  2. Buy local
    Choose small businesses as much as possible.
  3. Don’t cancel services
    Especially from small businesses that rely on your subscription as income.
  4. Don‘t squeeze your suppliers
    Now is not the time to ask for discounts.
    Especially if your suppliers are small businesses.
  5. Don‘t release staff
    Make this a last resort.
  6. Don’t hike prices
    Selling products in high demand at the moment? Now is not the time to take advantage.
  7. Don’t hoard supplies
    Be confident – there’s enough to go around.
  8. Use Government aid
    Be among the first to know how to access Government aid and help from Tide by joining our mailing group.
  9. Help others by giving advice and support
    Check in with friends and contacts to find out how they’re coping.
  10. Consider random acts of kindness
    For example: pay early, give a discount to a company worse off than yours, recommend another small business on your social media.

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Photo by Simon Abrams @flysi3000 on Unsplash

Suzanne Worthington

Suzanne Worthington

Senior Writer