‘That thing you’re feeling? It’s grief’ – how to handle our emotions in lockdown

Learn to label and process how you feel

Many small business owners have experienced loss in the coronavirus lockdown. Reduced or zero sales, spoiled stock, cancelled contracts, and more. Loss could be as simple as missing our customers and daily routine to as serious as the complete loss of our livelihood.

That thing you’re feeling? It’s part of the natural progression through grief and it’s completely normal. To function at our best, we have to experience the natural emotions associated with grief and process them.

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In this video, small business owner, theatre director and trainer, Kiz Crosbie uses the model of the seven stages of grief to explain how the coronavirus lockdown affected her, her staff and the participants in projects she had to cancel.

Kiz reminds us that we can’t expect to progress through our experience of loss in a linear way, and how, when the ‘new normal’ eventually establishes itself, we’ll all arrive at acceptance. Kiz says,

“It’s useful to recognise the stages of grief because it gives us more cognitive control. Rather than let things happen to you, take steps to process what’s happening.”

Kiz is CEO of Mortal Fools, a theatre, drama and creative learning company based in Prudhoe, Northumberland. As well as creating professional theatre and leading youth projects, the company trains people in business to communicate and perform at their best.

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