‘Just keep swimming’ – how to be less reactive to stress

How does stress feel to you?

To make progress when we’re running a small business, we often have to put ourselves in situations outside our comfort zone. Last time you had to do this, how did you feel? Pounding heart, sweaty palms, foggy brain?

That’s your body responding to stress. And it’s completely normal. For typically stressful business situations like giving a presentation, answering a complaint or negotiating a price, we can rehearse to help keep the physical signs of stress to a minimum.

But the coronavirus outbreak has created new stressful situations we never imagined we’d encounter: businesses paralysed, home confinement, a health and economy crisis. Could we have rehearsed how to respond to these? Yes – and it’s not too late to train ourselves to react well to stress and perform at our best.

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In this video, small business owner, theatre director and trainer, Kiz Crosbie explains how we can help our body and brain over-ride our natural responses to stress.

She demonstrates how she manages her fear responses to wild swimming, and how we can apply these techniques to any stressful situation.

Kiz is CEO of Mortal Fools, a theatre, drama and creative learning company based in Prudhoe, Northumberland. As well as creating professional theatre and leading youth projects, the company trains people in business to communicate and perform at their best.

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