Tide Founder launches ‘Pop to the Shop’ to connect local volunteer shoppers

George Bevis
George Bevis, Tide’s Founder and
Founder of Pop to the Shop

Our Founder, entrepreneur George Bevis, has launched a not-for-profit initiative called Pop To The Shop.

The venture helps connect people in self-isolation with others in their local area who can ‘pop to the shop’ for them, to buy and deliver food and medicines. 

The platform was built in just a few weeks by George’s social ventures incubator CanDo and a team of volunteers including 8 developers, a designer and large corporate partners offering pro-bono support in PR, legal and payments.

Pop to the Shop has one purpose: to help people. George says,

“The COVID-19 crisis has left so many people across the UK struggling to get essential food and medicine while they self-isolate. The supermarkets are working tirelessly to deliver to as many people as possible and the NHS Volunteer Responder scheme serves those with medical needs, but there are people going unsupported. It’s those people who need help from the rest of us.”

George’s online service is designed to complement existing measures and community support initiatives. He hopes to help people most in danger of going hungry during lockdown recently estimated to be around 3 million people by the Food Foundation.

How it works

Pop to the Shop is simple and easy to use. It’s cash-free and deliveries are contactless, so they’re as safe and secure as possible for everyone.

For Requesters

Anyone wanting to request a delivery for themselves or for vulnerable family and friends:

Requester - Pop to the Shop

  • Log into Pop to the Shop
  • Place your order for groceries or non-prescription medicine
  • Enter the maximum price you’re happy to pay for each item
  • Enter a time when you can receive the order
  • Enter your payment card details

For Shoppers

Shopper - Pop to the Shop

Volunteers able and happy to shop and deliver to others:

  • Log into Pop to the Shop
  • View requests in your local area
  • Accept an order 
  • Pop to the shop(s)
  • Deliver the order to the address requested at the agreed time

Cashless and contactless

The automated payment system is extra peace of mind for Shoppers keen to help but who can’t afford to do so from their own pocket, and for Requesters who perhaps can’t get cash out at the moment.

After the contactless delivery has taken place, money is transferred electronically to the Shopper from the Requester’s payment card. The only fee is a £1 payment processing charge paid by the Requester to allow the initiative to operate. 

Sign up to help

Following successful testing, Pop To The Shop is now available nationwide. George says,

Pop to the Shop logo

“It’s fantastic to see how many local communities are finding ways to support their most vulnerable members. The more people who sign up to be a Shopper and deliver essential items, the more people we can help. If you’re able to shop for others, even if it’s just picking up a few extra items on your weekly shop, please consider signing up.”

To find out more, to sign up as a Shopper or to get help for a vulnerable friend or relative, hop over to poptotheshop.org

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