Meet Emma, from our Member Support team

Meet Emma, from our Member Support team

We’re proud to offer our members support seven days a week and there are some incredible people on hand to help. We’d love you to get to know them, so we’re putting them in the spotlight. This time, we’d like introduce you to Emma.


Typical working day:

My mornings usually consist of a symphony of greetings to my friends at Tide, followed by a grumbling about how I need an intravenous drip for coffee.

Once I get settled into the day, I head straight into responding to messages that have come in overnight.

With so much hustle and bustle going on, the rest of the day can into a bit of a blur until the clock ticks over to home time.


Most unexpected query from a Tide Member so far?

I think my favourite email to date was from someone who had contacted us, mistaking us for the laundry detergent brand Tide.

They advised that they were a senior citizen who had been using Tide for over 20 years. However, the new pod containers were extremely hard for them to open and they wanted senior citizens to be taken into account when creating ‘child proof’ packaging. It was very sweet and endearing!


Favourite desk snack?

A vanilla crown from Tesco always goes down a treat, or a Kinder Bueno. But really, I’ll just take anything that’s on offer ?


What’s your hidden talent?

After asking my team members this question, a couple of them agreed that I have a real talent for pulling ugly faces…. ALL THE TIME.

However, I think that my real hidden talent is being able to spot out a dog from a mile away.


Ideal celebrity dinner party guest?

In all honesty, at this stage I would trade any celebrity out to have dinner with my best friend back home in NZ. 


When you’re not at Tide, what’s your favourite thing to do?

I love to spend my free time gallivanting around Europe and going on adventures with my mates.
When I don’t have travel plans,  you can usually find me at the pub ?


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