Meet Ali, Our Social Media Exec

Meet Ali, Our Social Media Exec

Our Marketing team is at the heart of helping Tide grow. Voice of Tide to our members – this team includes performance, SEO, Community and Partnerships. We’d love for you to meet the people behind the Marketing team – so here’s our Social Media Exec, Ali

👋Hey Ali! Introduce yourself in a sentence.

Hi, I’m Ali and I’m from North Yorkshire. I grew up in a town on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, famous for its castle on the hill (cue the Ed Sheeran song 🎵). I’ve been living down South for 8 years now.

What’s your background?

My first company was an Insurance MGA, which acted as an incubator for some really interesting start-ups. I loved exploring the intricacies of how new businesses are built and the challenges that founders have to contend with. After working on a project for one of our FinTechs, I was offered a customer engagement role and fell in love with the industry.

What made you want to join Tide?

I wanted to work for a FinTech, preferably a start-up, where I could really make an impact. As soon as I walked through Tide’s doors for my first interview, I knew I was in the right place: there is such a welcoming atmosphere and everyone is so bright! In every conversation I have, and every lunch-and-learn I attend, I learn something new.  

What’s your typical working day?

Always a cup of Yorkshire tea to start the day, and whatever healthy snack I can forage from the Tide kitchen for breakfast.

I begin by triaging our social media messages which have come through overnight, and troubleshooting any queries with our Member Support team. I’m always keeping an eye on our content calendar, scheduling our posts, promoting our events and sourcing new opportunities to showcase our members via our social channels.

What are you most excited for this year?

I’m really excited for the launch of our new Tideans values which our Culture club are rolling out this Summer. Within the next few months we have workshops, wellness HIIT workouts and charity events, all showcasing Tide’s values and giving us a great opportunity to bond together as a team!

What’s the most interesting challenge you’ve come across since you joined Tide?

Learning all the acronyms which are specific to Tide! I spent my first week asking ‘what does that mean’ every five minutes… Now I’m slacking like a pro 🙌

What do you like most about working at Tide?

Meeting members is what I love most about my job; I get to hear founder’s stories and learn how Tide is helping them to grow their business.

I’m so excited for this Summer, where I’ll get the opportunity to travel the country, visiting our member’s hometowns and interviewing them for our Member Spotlight series.

What’s your hidden talent?

After 3 seasons of playing with our Clapham team, ‘Supertouch’, I’m pretty good at Touch Rugby 🏉

When you’re not at Tide, what’s your favourite thing to do?

Most evenings I’m meeting friends and trying out new restaurants – food is life 💕

Young Ali

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