Meet Darren, our Head of People

Meet Darren, our Head of People

Our People team is responsible for making sure our team comes into work happy and engaged and leaves work happy, having had an engaging day! We’d love for you to get to know them too – so first up, here’s Darren, our Head of People.

👋Hey Darren! Introduce yourself in a sentence.
Hello! I’m responsible for ensuring the Tide team – aka Tideans – come into work happy and leave us at the end of the day happy!

How did you cross paths with Tide? / What made you want to join Tide?
I’ve worked in tech start-ups for many years, and what really excited me about Tide was the prospect of supporting its growth, and the fact that nobody else is doing what Tide is doing (yet) – which is unheard of in the digital space.

What’s your typical working day?
There is no typical day at Tide! It chops and changes which is what keeps the work we do here exciting – a project we are working on at the moment is around diversity and how our hiring managers hold ourselves accountable for this.

What are your priorities for the Tide team?
World domination while keeping the team happy.

What’s your favourite thing about Tide’s culture?
It’s hugely collaborative. Everyone at Tide cares about what we do and wants to be at the forefront of disruption in the business banking space.

Favourite desk snack?
Biscuits – too many sweet treats to tempt you…

Ideal celebrity dinner party guest? Why?
Really, it would be surrounded by friends and family!

What’s your hidden talent?
In a previous life, I used to be a designer – as my Gran would say, I can make and design frocks!

When you’re not at Tide, what’s your favourite thing to do?
I absolutely love to travel – whenever I can I’m off. My most recent trip was to Jordan where I visited Petra for the world-famous treasury and swam in the Dead Sea – very ouch if you get that water in your eyes, trust me.

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