Meet Evgeniy, our Lead Android Engineer

The Tech team builds and maintains the Tide app that our members use every day. We’d love for you to meet the people behind the software engineering team – here’s Evgeniy, our Lead Android Engineer in Front End.

👋 Hey Evgeniy! Introduce yourself in a sentence. 

Hello everyone, my name is Evgeniy and I am proud to be part of the Android team here at Tide.

What’s your background?

My career has always centred around software engineering. Even whilst I was in high school, I knew that I wanted to focus on this area professionally. I have worked with several outsourcing and product companies since university, and now find myself at Tide. 

How did you cross paths with Tide?

A friend of mine told me about a UK startup looking for an experienced Android developer, but he couldn’t remember the company name, so I started searching and came across Tide. I don’t know whether Tide was the company my friend was referring to 😅 but I clearly remember seeing the ad and telling him that Tide would be my future company! My confidence has obviously paid off…

What’s your typical working day?

My day typically starts with a big cup of coffee ☕. Once I’ve had my caffeine fix, I catch up with all the emails and slacks I have missed from the previous evening. Then I usually monitor all the different systems we use on the Android team to keep on top with everything. 

By this time, the London office doors are open so there are a lot of meetings to attend, which I try and balance alongside my technical work.

What’s your favourite Tide feature?

This would be the multi business feature. A lot of effort was put into the creation of this tool and it gives our clients far greater freedom in using the mobile app. 

What’s the most interesting challenge you’ve came across since you joined Tide?

My most interesting challenge has been the modularization project we started several months ago. The codebase is huge and initially it was really difficult to separate the different application layers into modules. On top of this everything should be configured in such a way all the delivery teams would be scalable and productive at the same time – it’s a really challenging piece of work!

What do you love most about working at Tide?

There are several things on the list, but the top one for sure is the team. I am not just talking about the Android team (which is rocking! 👨‍🎤) but the whole Tide team. Everyone is not only professional in what they do, but also a pleasure to work with – always collaborative and helpful! I have many friends and I know those relationships will be with me beyond Tide.

What are you most excited about this year at Tide (feel free to also add a personal thing)

I’m excited about the scaling opportunities we have – moving to a new office, intensive hiring, so many new people, a lot of new features we are all working on. Great!

What’s your hidden talent?

I would probably say singing 🎤. I love singing and used to be part of a rock band some time ago. I have always believed that people should embrace their creativity, alongside their logical thinking. I think singing and programming go together very well!

When you’re not at Tide, what’s your favourite thing to do?

Any kind of sport! I enjoy going to the gym or playing football ⚽. On top of that I really love reading books 📚 and I’m always trying to find time for this too.

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