Meet Jamie, from our Financial Crime team

Meet Jamie, from our Financial Crime team

The Financial Crime team works to protect Tide’s members from criminals and ensure that criminals don’t use Tide! We’d love for you to meet the people behind the Financial Crime team – here’s Jamie.

👋 Hey Jamie! Introduce yourself in a sentence.

Helloooo! I’m Jamie – I work in the Financial Crime team here at Tide. I’m also usually responsible for instigating some kind of mid-week drinks 😬  

What’s your background?

I’ve been at Tide just over a year. I’m the newbie in FinCrime, having joined a couple of months ago. Before that, I was our Talent Partner, overseeing all recruitment for Tide after spending a couple of years agency-side. I went straight into recruitment from uni – finished on the Friday, started on the Monday –  having studied International Politics in the middle of nowhere (Aberystwyth in west Wales).

How did you cross paths with Tide?

I worked with a lot of FinTechs in recruitment and that’s where I first came across Tide. I’ve got friends that have tried to start businesses but been hampered by their inability to open an account so I believe strongly in our mission. Otherwise, I love working in a growing business where everyone knows everyone. I couldn’t imagine working in a big corporate – shirt and ties in August are the worst!

What’s your typical working day?

Has anybody not said that no two days are the same? Our team is all about keeping our members safe, protecting them from criminals and making sure that no criminals use Tide! My job involves working with other banking providers, third-parties and law enforcement to achieve this. Other than that, I get involved in organising social events across the company.

What’s your favourite Tide feature?

Auto-categorisation of spend – it’s always good to know how much I’m spending at Nandos every month 🙈

You have had quite a journey at Tide, tell us a bit more.

So I was the first member of the People Team and helped grow the business to 80-odd people. When Becky (our VP of Financial Crime) joined, we started doing Lunch and Learn sessions to understand different parts of the business. I remember the one Becky ran on Human Trafficking, and I found it so interesting that I spoke with Becky about the possibility of moving teams. Everyone was really supportive and pushed me to go for it and here we are!

What’s the most interesting challenge you’ve come across since you joined Tide?

It’s such a competitive hiring market, so recruitment was always a big challenge to help Tide grow as quickly as we needed to. It was interesting to meet so many different people along the way and hear about their journeys. In my current role, I’m really interested by how all the different features and platforms work together. Actually, the whole career change has been a really interesting challenge that I never expected would come my way!

What’s your best memory so far?

Professionally, our first office move away from White Bear Yard – we were up until 11pm shifting boxes and eating pizza. It showed how far we’d grown as a business but (in hindsight) was a fun team effort. Socially, from what I remember – the Christmas party in Sofia, various nights in Piano Works or when we ordered £100+ of McDonalds to the office.

What’s your favourite desk snack?

Chocolate spread!

When you’re not at Tide, what’s your favourite thing to do?

I actually spend a lot of time with people from Tide… dinners, drinking or socialising at the weekend. Otherwise, my favourite thing to do is playing rugby at the weekend.

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