Meet Lucinda, our Head of Member Support

Meet Lucinda, our Head of Member Support

We’re proud to offer our members support seven days a week and there are some incredible people on hand to help. We’d love you to get to know them, so we’re putting them in the spotlight. This time, we’d like introduce you to our Head of Member Support – Lucinda.

👋 Introduce yourself in a sentence.
Hi! I’m Lucinda, and I look after all of our members at Tide alongside our amazing Member Support team.

What’s your background?
I’ve been running service teams for over ten years, mainly in publishing. I’ve also worked on many operational functions throughout my career, ranging from customer service to account management and credit control. However, it’s the opportunity to work closely with members that really gets me excited. I love any opportunity to make our members happy, and I’m happiest when I know my team are delivering an exceptional service to our membership, which they do day in and day out.

How did you cross paths with Tide? / What made you want to join Tide?
I was looking for a new opportunity – a new challenge within a new industry, and FinTech appealed to me.

Tide felt like a great opportunity for me to make my mark on the service provision for a new business that was going places. When I came in and met the team, I knew it was the place to be. The culture and environment was so inviting and I haven’t looked back since.

What’s your typical working day?
As soon as I get in, I look at the stats from the night before and make sure our members are all being looked after. I’ll work with my team leader to set the agenda for the day, so everyone knows what they are working on.

I usually have meetings with other teams to keep me on top of any developments in the Tide product – currently, we’re working on improving our systems so that the Member Support team can get back to members quicker and to give us better data on how happy our members are with our service.

I also take time out every day to speak to any members who have had specific issues that need escalating.

What’s your biggest source of motivation?
I love speaking with our members to solve any problems they’re having and to hear how happy they are with Tide. When we get great reviews about the service we provide, it fills me with pride. But I never rest on my laurels! There’s always room for improvement, so any efficiencies I can create for the team, and any time-saving that then translates to a better member experience gives me the greatest motivation.

What’s the most interesting query you’ve had from a member since you joined Tide?
I had a conversation with one member about Tide’s pricing – which in principle wasn’t strange – but I was a little surprised when he said that he would be happy to pay more money than he was currently paying, for his processes to be simplified. I’ve rarely heard from customers that they’d be happy to pay more, so I found it particularly memorable!

Favourite desk snack?
I’m a chocoholic! I try my hardest to stay away as it all just sits on my hips, but life is too short to miss out on the things you love…

What’s your hidden talent?
Not many people know that I’m also a singer. I studied Popular Music at university and sing in a Gospel Choir – some people say I’m quite good! Though I think my team would rather I didn’t sing along to Spotify quite so much… sorry guys, I don’t know I’m doing it half the time.

When you’re not at Tide, what’s your favourite thing to do?
I love spending time with my friends, which now includes people at Tide! Also singing with my Gospel choir. But I’m a real pro at relaxing and do loads of cross-stitch pictures for friends, as well as endless colossus crosswords. Nerdy, I know 🙂

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