Meet Mihaela, from our Member Support team

Meet Mihaela, from our Member Support team

We’re proud to offer our members support seven days a week and there are some incredible people, both in London and Sofia, on hand to help. We’d love for you to get to know them, so we’re putting them in the spotlight. This time, we’d like to introduce you to Mihaela! 

👋 Hey Mihaela! Introduce yourself in a sentence. 

Hey all, I’m Mihaela and I’m always trying to keep it positive 🙌 I was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, and I’m part of the most amazing Member Support Team. I have a wonderful 5 y.o. Boy and I’m doing my best to help him grow as a good person and to show him how important it is to smile every day 😊

What’s your background? 

I began my career as a sales representative for a binary product, but it turns out this wasn’t my “thing”! So I branched out and started working in the payment industry. I’ve worked in risk analysis, billing support and as a chargeback officer at one of the biggest payment processing companies in Sofia. 

What made you want to join Tide? 

I liked the positive attitude, I liked the smiles and I loved the idea! It was important to me to find a job I would enjoy doing and that wouldn’t be your regular 9am-6pm job!

What’s your typical working day? 

There is nothing like a “typical day” at Tide! We arrive every morning to discover a new wave of questions and queries, which helps us to understand our Members and their needs better.

For me, it is essential to know what the challenges are for our member and how we can best serve their needs. Communication is the key and this is what our team are here for! 

What’s your favourite Tide feature? 

Scheduled payments and multi-business!

I think it’s amazing how you can set your payments and not worry about forgetting to pay something (as I often do) and in regards to multi-business, I find it pretty handy as you are able to manage your different businesses on just one device. 

Favourite desk snack?

It’s not that much of a snack, but COFFEE! ☕

What’s your hidden talent? 

To make wine disappear and to cook delicious dishes. Yum 😋

What’s your top tips for tourists visiting Sofia?

Ahh.. You need to go and check the city views from the mountains which are near Sofia. It is not that far away but the view is breathtaking. Also, I would suggest to not rush into the mall, but take a walk around the city centre instead (it’s a little rough around the edges, but it is still beautiful). There are also a lot of big parks in the city, so you can grab a book or a beer and enjoy the weather 📚🍺.

When you’re not at Tide, what’s your favourite thing to do? 

To spend proper time with my little boy, he is really awesome! We go out to the mountains, to the seaside, camping – everything nature related, or some days I just enjoy watching a movie and eating a home cooked meal. 

Young Mihaela

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