Meet Millie, from our Partnerships team

Meet Millie, from our Partnerships team

Our accounting partners are an important part of our journey here at Tide, which is why we have a specialised team dedicated to helping them day in, day out. The Partnerships team have amazing relationships with accountants across the UK, doing everything they can to save them and their clients time with their banking. We’d love for you to meet the people behind the Partnerships team – so first up, here’s Millie.

Typical working day:

I am an early riser most of the time, so I usually get to the office quite early. (Unless I’ve managed to drag myself to the gym first).

I begin by responding to any partner queries that have come in over night, call whoever I need to that day and then crack on with project work! The projects vary week on week – at the moment I’m working on the partner newsletter for August.

What made you want to join Tide?

There’re so many things that first excited me about Tide, so it’s difficult to pick. I was really inspired by the fact that Tide is focused on small businesses and startups, because my parents set up a family business when I was ten years old. I’ve had exposure to the company throughout my childhood and teenage years – it actually sometimes feels as though I’ve grown with it. Because of this, I can really sympathise with small business owners and how stressful and time consuming banking admin can be, especially when you are part of such a small team – so it’s great to work for a company who see it as their mission to resolve this pressure!

What are you most excited for this year at Tide?

The summer party of course! I’m also really looking forward to launching our Business Tips Series later this month, which will allow our partners to share helpful business tips with Tide members.

Favourite desk snack?

I snack all day, every day. I’m not a fussy eater! So it depends what I decide to pick up in Tesco on the day. Chocolate biscuits and chilli prawn crackers are a regular choice. I really enjoy a can of diet Coke too and can’t go a day without one.

What’s your hidden talent?

When I was younger I used to fence. The talent might still be hidden within me somewhere…

Favourite event so far with Tide?

The Accountex conference! A lot of our partners are located all around the UK and it was great to have so many of them in one place and meet with them face to face.  It was also really interesting to chat with prospective partners and find out more about what they do and how Tide can help with their practice.

When you’re not at Tide, what’s your favourite thing to do?

I love going away, whether in the UK or abroad. I’ve recently got back from Croatia and my next trip is to Italy in August. Also, as I am quite new to London, I never say no to eating out and exploring new pubs, bars and restaurants during the evenings or weekends.


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