Meet Omar, our Head of Delivery and QA

Meet Omar, our Head of Delivery and QA

We’d love for you to meet the people that make up our QA team, testing our app to make sure it’s as perfect as possible before it goes out to our members – so first up, here’s Omar, our Head of Delivery and QA.

👋 Hey Omar! Introduce yourself in a sentence.
I work across a few teams at Tide, mostly with our Delivery, QA (Quality Assurance) and Production Support teams. Ultimately, I help deliver fast, reliable and secure systems across Tide.

What’s your background?
I have a technical background, and have worked across legal, healthcare and financial sectors. Interestingly, my first job was in marketing.

How did you cross paths with Tide?
I joined Tide for the mission: fixing finance for small businesses. Outside work, I lean heavily into understanding our space better, through listening to podcasts (e.g. EntreLeadership, EOFire etc) or reading books (e.g. The E-Myth). For me, it’s a natural fit for passion and purpose.

What’s your typical working day:
The only constant is that I’m never at my desk! Everyday, I work with people across the company to help get things done, from planning future work to testing, deploying and supporting releases.

What’s your favourite Tide feature?
Expense Cards… it simplifies team spend processes.

What’s the most interesting challenge you’ve came across since you joined Tide?
Building and scaling teams is fun, but very challenging….

What are you most looking forward to on our Product Roadmap for 2019?
Startup failures are too high… anything we can deliver in 2019 to help businesses succeed and navigate through uncertainty has my vote.

What’s your hidden talent?
I can touch my nose with my tongue ?

When you’re not at Tide, what’s your favourite thing to do?
Spending time with the family and running. I have kids, so attending Saturday U9s football matches and Sunday rugby practices is always fun.

Young Omar

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