Meet Rob, from our Member Support team

Meet Rob, from our Member Support team

We’re proud to offer our members support seven days a week and there are some incredible people on hand to help. We’d love for you to get to know them, so we’re putting them in the spotlight. This time, we’d like to introduce you to Rob!

👋 Hey Rob! Introduce yourself in a sentence.

I’m a twentysomething from the British Midlands (Coventry’s finest) and I have now lived in London for eleven years.

What’s your background?

I’ve been with Tide for a year. Prior to working here, I’ve had roles in the arts and education, professional services within investment banking, and many roles in general service (including some FinTechs!).

I’ve worked for a combination of tiny not-for-profits and multinational corporations, and everything in between, so it’s been a real mixed bag. I suppose it’s a case of throwing me a challenge and I’ll have a go at getting it done!

I also have a degree in Literature (I used to be a big reader 📚) and a postgraduate degree in Public Relations – understanding our Members and responding are at the core of our role.

What made you want to join Tide?

Tide actually approached me! I was excited by a fresh approach to banking that makes things more human and less corporate.

Our aim is to always extend this feeling to our Members each day and to maintain our Member First approach.

What’s your typical working day?

It’s been said numerous times by my colleagues but there really isn’t a typical working day. Sure, the platforms are the same and the mission is the same but the conversations are always different, which keeps each day interesting and varied.

We work closely and collaboratively with all other teams at Tide, which can present all sorts of new projects on any given day.

If you’ve been in touch with us at Tide, through our app, email or social channels, and have spoken with me, or any of my colleagues in the Member Support team, I hope that you enjoyed your experience!

What’s your favourite Tide feature?

At this time  we are all very excited about some of the enhancements we are planning to bring to Members in the coming months! Most of these features are still in development and planning so they remain a little hush-hush.

I guess you will need to watch this space… 👀

Most unexpected issue raised by a member?

The classic has to be whenever we receive a query regarding Tide Pods (the American detergent brand). These never fail to make me smile but, as you would expect, we always do our best to be as helpful as possible.

Favourite desk snack?

Tide snacks are very variable but currently I’m on dried fruits, nuts, and cherry tomatoes.

It could be anything (more or less bizarre) on any given day of any given week!

Ideal celebrity dinner party guests? 🍴

This is a really, really tough question! The more I think about it the more people I would invite and I think it would end up as more of a banquet than a dinner party:

Amy Winehouse (hologram?), Sandi Toksvig and Stephen Fry (so many BBC faces), The Queen (and a few other Royals to keep it a classy affair), Mary Beard (and the rest of the BBC Four heroes; actually she would be head of the table!), Maggie Aderin-Pocock, Bridget Jones (not sure if it counts if they’re fictional)… Caroline Lucas – there to make sure everything was nicely moderated. And, also, The Obamas, Pete Doherty, Phoebe Waller-Bridge (obviously)! RuPaul Charles, Debbie Harry, David Attenborough, Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc, Simon Reeve, Maggie Hambling, Victoria Coren-Mitchell, and the cast of Time Team.

Genuinely, the list is endless (got a bit carried away there)… Can Nigella Lawson come and do the menus then join us?

When you’re not at Tide, what’s your favourite thing to do?

I’m always keeping busy but I try to mix as much fun and culture into my leisure time. Life’s all about balance, so you can have a great time with your family and friends but you can also absorb something inspiring at the same time.

I am quite into travel (not very original but true all the same!) and love disappearing to Europe for a few days, or a little longer when possible; getting to see how cultures and lifestyles differ from region to region is endlessly fascinating. I love having a go at speaking the language too, although this is often with varying degrees of success!

Next stop: The Swiss and Austrian Alps!

Auf Wiedersehen! 👋 🇨🇭 🇦🇹

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