Meet Sabrina, our Financial Crime Team Leader

Meet Sabrina, our Financial Crime Team Leader

The Financial Crime team works to protect Tide’s members from criminals, safeguarding the infrastructure and integrity of the Tide network, and working collaboratively with other organisations to prevent financial crime across the industry.We’d love for you to meet the people behind the Financial Crime team – here’s Sabrina.

👋Hey Sabrina! Introduce yourself in a sentence.

I’m Sabrina and I have 2 full time jobs, first one here at Tide and second, Biggest Dog Fan in the world 🐶

What’s your background?

I studied Accounting & Finance and decided that was not for me about half way through my final year. I worked at an Apple store for a couple of years and then moved to the Fintech world about 3 years ago and I can’t imagine ever leaving!

How did you cross paths with Tide? 

I used to work with Becky at my previous company and she told me how amazing and fun Tide is and, more importantly, how seriously Tide takes Compliance. Whilst all financial institutions are required to be compliant as an industry regulation, Tide’s culture is led by a moral duty to fight financial crime. Our team believes that financial institutions and fintech companies have an opportunity to make a much wider societal impact. This is a very important cause to me, so I was sold on becoming a Tidean!

What’s your favourite part of your role and why do you enjoy Fincrime?

My role is pretty diverse and exciting but, if I had to pick one thing, it would be managing my team. They are so hardworking and supportive and it makes me so happy that I get to be part of Tide’s growth. I’m passionate about making sure my team are happy in their roles and at Tide.

Knowing that I am making a difference by fighting crime is a pretty good feeling too! 🦸

What’s the most interesting challenge you’ve come across since joining Tide?

It’s been a challenge to get to know everyone at Tide – which is a great issue to have! We are growing at a really fast rate and we have new people starting every week. The growth is brilliant but it’s hard to keep up with everyone’s names. Thank god for our Meet The Team blogs! 

What are you looking forward to most this year?

I’m really looking forward to the FFE conference on the 27th of November, which is a conference targeted towards Fincrime professionals in the Fintech world.

Favourite desk snack?

I will eat anything that’s sweet (its a problem really) but my number 1 would be those Nature Valley Nut Butter bars we have in the office sometimes 🤤

You’re a big contributor to our #doggos slack channel – what’s your favourite breed and why?

It’s super hard to pick one but I have a dream duo which is a German Shepherd and a Miniature Dachshund. I like the challenge of a stubborn dachshund and the ease of an intelligent German Shepherd. Coming soon to Instagram… 

When you’re not at Tide, what’s your favourite thing to do?

I mean, you must have guessed by now that its dog related 🐕. I try to dog sit as much as I can and pretty much have a dog to take care of every weekend. I also have some great ideas about building an app for all dog friendly places in London (watch this space 👀).  My dream is to own a private jet just so I can take my dog (when I get one) travelling with me. BASICALLY, I AM OBSESSED 😍

Baby Sabrina

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