Meet Stephen, our Senior Data Analyst

Meet Stephen, our Senior Data Analyst

Our Data team is responsible for making sure all teams at Tide know what’s happening in the business and why! We’d love for you to meet the people that make the Data team –  so first up here’s Stephen.

👋 Hey Stephen! What’s your background?

Hey! I’m Stephen, a Senior Data Analyst at Tide.

I’ve always been fascinated by startups and so, after studying Economics for my undergraduate degree, I completed a Masters in Management & Entrepreneurship and have been working in tech startups ever since! My first role was in operations but I’ve always been interested in data, so I taught myself to code and found the role in Tide’s Data team.

What made you want to join Tide?

I’ve always been interested in FinTech and was on the lookout for interesting opportunities at fast-growing FinTech startups. Small businesses are such an important part of the UK economy and I love the idea of working to help them function and grow – when I discovered Tide I was really keen to apply to be part of that mission!

What’s your typical working day?

Every day is different, it’s one of the things I really enjoy about my job 🙂 A lot of my time is spent with the different team leads to understand their priorities & how we can use data to build innovative solutions. I also spend time improving the data models in our analytics platform, making data-driven insights more accessible to everyone in the business to support their decision making. Finally, I’d say another key part of my role is creating reports/dashboards to present and visualise complex data in a way everyone in the company can understand.

What’s your favourite Tide feature?

For me, it is the ability to manually categorise transactions using custom categories. I’m quite OCD about organisation and so love that I can categorise all my transactions exactly how I want!

Why is data so important to Tide? Why are we data-driven?

Using data ultimately enables us to make better decisions, faster. Exploring the data helps us to understand how our members engage with our product and the challenges they face with banking. This allows us to gain insight on what features would be most impactful and useful for our members and ultimately drive decisions on future product development.

What’s the most interesting challenge you’ve came across since you joined Tide?

It’s been really interesting working on setting up a new analytics platform. I’ve had to work with all the different teams across Tide to develop a good understanding of all the data requirements. It’s taught me a lot about the priorities of each team and how we work together to achieve the common goals and mission of the business as a whole.

If you had to pick one – what’s the best thing about Tide?

It sounds a bit cliche but I’d have to say the people! It’s a real team atmosphere and everyone is motivated by the product we’re building. Tide is also a really social company; it’s great to work in a place where your colleagues are also your friends.

What’s your hidden talent?

🍸 Making cocktails, I love experimenting with different ingredients to invent new drinks!

When you’re not at Tide, what’s your favourite thing to do?

Skiing has always been one of my favourite sports ⛷️ Though, obviously, it’s not something I can do often. However, I’m sure everyone at Tide would tell you if I’m away from the office on holiday it’s generally safe to assume I’m somewhere in the mountains!

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