Meet Teresa, our Head of Android Engineering

Meet Teresa, our Head of Android Engineering

The Tech team builds and maintains the Tide app which our members use every day. We’d love for you to meet the people behind the software engineering team – here’s Teresa, our Head of Android Engineering.

👋Hey Teresa! Introduce yourself in a sentence. 

Hi! I am Teresa and I’m heading the Android Engineering team at Tide.

What’s your background?

For my degree I studied Business Management, and started my work experience in a pharmaceutical multinational. I moved to China for a year to work (/holiday!) in an ancient city called Xi’an. There I helped create a language learning website, which sparked my interest in programming. 

Back in London, I studied MSc Computer Science at Birkbeck and also worked full time creating Android mobile apps (it was a busy year!). With every passing year I enjoy my life as a software engineer more and more.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Tide?

Everyday is a brand new day, and I love the variety. 

A recent highlight for me was hosting the very first Tide Android MeetUp in July of this year. Myself, and my colleague Evgeniy, spoke about multi-platform for mobile. Originally we issued 60 tickets, but in the end over 80 people joined! You can read all about the event here.

Keep an eye on our Eventbrite page for future meetups and events.

What is your typical working day?

Luckily I don’t commute on the tube, so I usually start my day catching up with emails and Slack conversations on the train – especially with our Sofia team who are two hours ahead. If time allows I also read on my commute. I’m currently reading This Is Going To Hurt, which follows the life of a junior NHS doctor. Such a fun book 📚 I would definitely recommend!

In day to day life at Tide, my role is split into a few different areas. Alongside the management of my team, I also facilitate app releases, work with our delivery teams to help plan upcoming projects, and remove obstacles to ensure we hit release targets. We’re all about working in an Agile way, so there’s a lot of juggling! After all this, I also squeeze in some coding… 

Can you describe your team in 3 words?

Only 3? Okay I’ll try my best: amazing, fantastic, awesome 🌟

What’s your favourite aspect of Tide’s culture?

I love that everyone helps each other 🤗. Tideans from every team are always happy to jump on a project together, and everyone goes above and beyond their role to help achieve our company goals.

Favourite desk snack?

Coffee and lemon flavoured Perrier. I realise this isn’t a snack….I’m quitting snacks!

When you’re not at Tide, what’s your favourite thing to do?

Shopping and travelling! I love any excuse to get away, whether it’s a short break or long vacation – most of my trips are unplanned. Recently I trekked to the Lucerne Alps with flat shoes, which was difficult to say the least! It was a very unexpected trip, but I’m a spontaneous person and I can’t say no to an adventure.

I also spend time learning about new tech and reviewing products in my blog (my favourite lists have no particular order and definitely no bias towards Tide….cough cough) 😁

Young Teresa

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