Order cards for your team

Spend less time talking about money with your colleagues, with up to 35 additional Mastercards for each of your accounts.

How do Team Cards work?
You can order a Tide Mastercard for up to 35 team members per account – and this applies to your main account, as well as any additional Tide accounts your business has.

Team Cards are the first step on the journey towards full team access. So, for now, Team Cards will be managed through a single app belonging to the main account holder. They’ll be able to fully manage access for their team – freezing and cancelling cards, as well as sharing and holding PIN codes – and they’ll be able to see who’s spent what.

Until July 2018, it’s free to add new team members to your account – and we won’t charge you set-up or monthly fees. From July onwards, there’ll be a monthly charge of £5 per additional team card.

How can I get Team Cards?
Team Cards are now available on iOS and Android. If you have a registered company account, you’ll be eligible. Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer Team Cards to sole traders.

To request one, go to the More menu and tap on Team Cards. You’ll then need to enter your team member’s details and select the relevant account(s). Subject to passing security checks (which should take a few seconds), the card will arrive at your trading address within a week.