A card designed around you

Good design is about looking at something and questioning the way it is.

We looked at the world of banking, and questioned how we could make it better for businesses. Now, we’ve taken the same approach to designing your card. We’ve reimagined it, around you.

It’s vertical

The new card is vertical, not a traditional landscape format. We’ve been studying the way that people interact with their banking cards, and we believe that this new design reflects how people actually use cards today.

How we insert them into ATMs when withdrawing cash, how we slot them into terminals when making payments and how many of us carry our cards in a holder in the back of our mobile phones. And of course, our new cards still slip nicely into your purse or wallet.

It’s special

We’ve never designed in a blue this deep: a blue that’s warm and distinctive. It’s nothing like the corporate colours we’re used to, but it’s also nothing like the loud colours or design quirks that newer brands shout with. It’s refined and understated – and the surfaces have a matt cello finish to help minimise scratches, and give a premium feel.

Meanwhile the gold edges are there for the spark and the vigour that small businesses have, and because you deserve something a little special.

At the heart of the card is Tide’s new icon, the swell, which represents the ebbing and flowing of time. The word ‘tide’ is from the Old Saxon ‘tīd’ which means ‘time’: something Tide saves businesses every day.

It’s simple

Your name and banking details are on the back. This keeps the front clean, and helps improve security as personal data is hidden and harder to copy. It also works with any card scanning apps.

But details are also on the back because the card design isn’t about banking. Banking has been designed out of the way. Just as we’re here to help you do less banking, and more of what you love.


Caitlin Rich, Head of Design


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