Rejection of Tide Debit card by Merchants


I think it’s a massive issue yet, Tide does not seem to acknowledge it or share how they plan to solve the problem. Now that Tide has a new CEO, wonder whether he would see the issue as a serious one. As the other banks come on stream, you will start to loose early loyal customers if this problem is not solved. Just my 2p.


I did not realise Tide wasn’t a proper bank and is just a pre-paid card. Feel a bit led on by this.

I am trying to run Google Ad campaigns using my Tide card and it’s rejected it. This is a pretty big deal - a large part of my business. It makes using Tide unsustainable for us.

In May you mentioned that the team were working behind the scenes to come up with a solution to this but 6 months later the problem is still here.

Can you give an update on this? I would also like to know how much of a priority this is for Tide as it doesn’t seem to be that big of a priority.


I have been fighting with a number of companies I deal with regarding online payments etc as the majority of my business is mainly online.

I cannot, for the life of me, believe that this is the issue, a card with a “prepaid” status. I actually feel cheated. I’m now in the process of closing accounts down and transfering money to tide.

I’m so angry I could cry!


Feel like crying as well. I just made mt first payment (attempt) today with tide, and the payment was refused. I found this topic while looking why this would happen, and I got shocked ! Just reading all these problems paying with the card is freaking me out. I have seen other similar topics as well…

And just learned that the card is actually not a real debit card !

As a business you need to be confident that you will be able to pay your expenses in all circumstances, this can lead to both embarassing situations and a big loss of time in accounting (Which was the main reason why I subscribed to tide in the first place). And since you need to pay back your personal account for this expense, I guess there is a fee that will be applied to this bank transfer???

Ten I read that there is no plan to change that in the future, I think that this is the worst… Wish I had read the small prints…

I love the way that the app is build and the payments categories and attachements, but if you can’t get your expenses to go out from the account, it’s a huge hussle. If any of you knows of an alternative that do works I’m all in :confused: