Joining Tide

How Tide account is different from a Bank account?

Tide provides almost all the banking features and more.

To list some of them:

  • A new bank account journey can be completed in as little as 10 minutes on a mobile device. This saves businesses valuable time in getting their company and/or account set up to operate efficiently, rather than having to visit a branch.
  • No credit check is required to open an account, therefore there is no risk in members trying out Tide alongside an existing account.
  • Free sign-up, with no annual or monthly fees. This saves member’s money that can be invested into their business instead.
  • Access to all Tide Platform product features to manage their business admin such as GST Registration, Receipt Importer, Expense Management, Expense Team Cards, Accountancy Software Integrations, Invoicing Tool, Invoice Protection and Payroll Management*.
  • Upon successful account set-up, you would be eligible for Tide benefits** as well.

* Features to be rolled out in upcoming months. **Benefits subject to promotional campaigns.

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