Bounce Back Loans - Tide service

Why can’t you tell me my position on the Tide Bounce Back Loan waiting list?

We paused lending on 7 July so at the moment, regardless of your position on the waiting list, we’re not lending to anyone. To enable our Member Support agents to help more people with their day-to-day banking, we decided that we won’t be answering queries about where you are in our Bounce Back Loan waiting list.

If you’re already registered on our waiting list:

  • you remain on our waiting list
    If you’ve secured a loan with another lender, there’s no need to contact us to be removed from the list.
  • you may apply or join a waiting list with another lender
    This is because ‘registering interest’ is not the same as ‘applied for’. (Under the Bounce Back Loan Scheme rules, you can’t ‘apply for’ a loan with more than one lender.)

If and when the Government grants direct access to funding for lenders, we’re ready to lend at scale. We’ll be able to re-open our waiting list and launch our waiting list tracker, so you can find out your eligibility and position. If and when this happens, we’ll update everyone on our waiting list by email.