Card Reader POS

How do I enable Tide POS Product and services?

  1. Open your Tide app on the web and go to Tools and Services.
  2. Click on Tide POS Product.
  3. A side sheet will open explaining Terms and Conditions and status of your account: Available.
  4. After you go through them, click on Accept Tide Acquiring terms.
  5. After that, you need to purchase a Tide POS hardware. For this, you will be go through Tide POS Purchase journey after accepting Tide Acquiring Terms
  6. As part of POS Purchase journey, you will be shown the price of Tide POS Hardware. The price is the final price after including the best promotional offer applicable to you. The Hardware price does not include the applicable VAT (Value Added Tax) which will be added over and above the final Hardware price. The final amount (the price of the POS Hardware and VAT) will be debited from your Tide Business Account before the POS Hardware is dispatched.
  7. After accepting the price of the Tide POS hardware, you need to provide the Dispatch/Delivery Address on which the Tide POS Hardware needs to be delivered. Orders for POS Hardware once placed cannot be cancelled or refunded
  8. The status of the account will change to Pending just after you accept Tide Terms and Conditions.
  9. After a few minutes, the status will change to Active meaning your account has been onboarded and you are eligible for getting the Tide POS hardware. Please note that the Tide POS Hardware will be dispatched only when the account status has changed to Active. Any debits towards POS Hardware will be refunded to your Tide Business account.

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