Updating your Tide account

How do I get my Tide account updated to a new bank account?

We’ll send you a message inviting you to update your account. You’ll need to accept the terms and conditions (which include these FAQs) and choose a date and time for us to carry out the update. That’s all you need to do.

We’ll send you an app notification 48 hours before we update your account to remind you that it will be happening.

Then, on the date you selected, we’ll update your account between the times you agreed on that day. You won’t be able to use your Tide app or log into Tide on the web during this time.

When we’ve finished updating your account and you’re able to log in again, you’ll get an email and app notification confirming this.

When you next log in, you’ll be able to see your new account details, including your new account number and the new sort code.

When the update is complete, your e-money account will be closed but you’ll still be able to see your transaction history in the app.

Also, in case you forget to update people who pay you with your new account details, we’ll try to redirect incoming bank payments (by Faster Payments, Bacs and CHAPS) to your new account. Tide and ClearBank disclaim any liability for losses relating to the Bulk Payment Redirection Service.

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