Invoice Protection

How long will it take for Hokodo to pay my claim?

After you notify Hokodo about the non-payment of your invoice, the usual process is that Hokodo’s collections partner, STA International, will attempt to collect money for you. If STA achieve this, you’ll get the amount they collected within 14 days of them receiving it. This collections process usually takes from 15 to 60 days.

If STA fails to collect money for you, you’ll be asked to fill in a claim form. Hokodo will pay you the amount covered – 90% of the invoice value – promptly when they get your valid claim form.

Hokodo aims to settle the majority of claims within 15 days of receiving a claim submission. However, a limited number of claims need more investigation and, in these situations, Hokodo may take up to 60 days to assess your claim.

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