Invoice Protection

What does Invoice Protection cover?

You will be protected against the non-payment of a valid invoice, either because your customer won’t pay or their business has become insolvent.

You won’t be protected against:

  • Non-payment of a disputed invoice
    You’ll need to settle the dispute with your customer before Hokodo will consider your claim.
  • Damage or loss of goods in transit
    If you need this cover, it should be covered by your normal business insurance policy.
  • Activity by a government which prevents your invoice being paid
    This means events such as war, requisition of a property, currency controls etc.
  • Fraud or dishonesty
    You’re not covered for claims which are the result of fraud or dishonesty by your company
  • Illegal claims
    You’re not covered for claims which would require Hokodo to breach sanctions or anti-money laundering regulations.

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