Tide Pro

What is Tide’s fair use policy?

To make sure you get the best experience from our Pro plan, there are some fair use limitations for our unlimited transfers feature. We’ve worked hard to ensure that these limitations are fair and, rest assured, most members won’t be affected. For example, making an unusually high volume of transfers in and out of your Tide account would not be considered fair use. “High volume” includes receiving and sending more than 6,000 account transfers a month. In addition, any transfers which aren’t allowed under your Tide Terms, such as transactions that breach financial crime regulation, would also not be considered fair usage. If you exceed our fair use policy, we reserve the right to end your access to the free transfers feature and charge you the standard rates – this is per our Tide Terms and applies to any transfer that doesn’t meet our fair use policy.

We may send you an alert if you exceed (or you’re at risk of exceeding) our fair use policy.

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