Tide Accounting

Automate your small business accounting

Get FREE access till the end of the year, then pay only £6.99+VAT per month

Take control of your finances with Tide Accounting. No need for separate small business accounting software. Get ahead of Self Assessment and automate your bookkeeping. Access a Profit and Loss report and get jargon-free accounting, tailored to your business, all in the Tide app.

Try for FREE till the end of the year, then pay only £6.99+VAT per monthinfoTide Accounting costs £6.99+VAT per month. If you have connected a non-Tide business current account, you will not be charged until 31 December 2022. From January 2023 you will be charged a fee of £6.99+VAT per month unless you cancel before 1 December 2022

This feature is currently available for sole traders only and will be available for limited companies later this year.

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Simplify your bookkeeping with sole trader accounting software


Say goodbye to spreadsheets

Automate your accounting tasks, saving you valuable time


Build business confidence

Keep on top of your tax and HMRC self assessment


Keep up to date

Get real-time insights on the financial health of your business

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Avoid high charges

Only pay for what you need with a low monthly cost

Will Tide Accounting suit my business?

Tide Accounting is a brand new feature, designed to make small business accounting as easy as possible. You don’t need to be an accounting pro to use it.

At the moment, it’s available via Tide on the web to sole traders who:

  • Use cash accounting
  • Are not currently registered for VAT
  • Are not using the Construction Industry Scheme

The focus, for now, is on self-assessment reporting and providing instant access to a Profit and Loss report. New features will be added in the coming months, including:

  • Mark portions of your transactions as allowable for tax
  • Make adjustments at category level
  • Split transactions

All providing an end-to-end small business accounting solution available to sole traders and registered businesses too.


Self Assessment made easy

Simplify your tax reporting. Tide Accounting gives you real-time insights into your liabilities, making self-assessment a breeze!

Get real-time estimates

No need to be an accounting professional. Plan ahead for your self-assessment. Know exactly what you need to pay.

  • View an estimate of your income and expenses
  • See expenses ready-classified into accounting categories
  • No need for manual calculations

Drill down to the detail

Use the enhanced view to get a breakdown of your transactions. See your transactions all in one place.

  • Understand how your transactions impact your estimate
  • View transactions tagged by accounting category
  • Accounting categories match HMRC self assessment form fields

Easy to amend

Modify your self-assessment estimate with ease.

  • Manually add any transactions you may have made outside of your Tide account
  • Keep all details relating to your self-assessment in one place- no need for manual spreadsheets
  • Improve the accuracy of your reporting

Access simple reporting

Tide Accounting doesn’t just help you with your self-assessment calculations, you can run a Profit & Loss Report too.

  • Run easy-to-view reports in an instant
  • Reporting requires no accounting knowledge
  • Access real-time profit and loss statements

Trial balance and balance sheet reporting coming soon!


How can Tide Accounting save me time on my finance admin?

At Tide, we make your business our business. Tide Accounting has been designed as an all-in-one bookkeeping software solution. No need for previous accounting knowledge, although accountants will love its simplicity too!

  • Transactions categorised automatically

    Our accounting categories match the Self-Assessment form fields to make form-filling easy

  • No need for accounting experience

    Our easy accounting software means you don’t need to be an accounting professional to use it, but if you have an accountant it will help them too

  • Calculations done for you

    Say goodbye to spreadsheets with automated calculations

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Tide Accounting FAQs

How much does Tide Accounting cost?

The full price is £6.99 + VAT per month. However, while we are working on adding additional features to the product, we will be offering discounts.

Is Tide Accounting only available to sole traders?

Currently, yes, but it will be made available to registered businesses later in 2022.

Do I need to understand accounting to be able to make use of Tide Accounting?

Tide Accounting has been designed to help business owners simplify accounting. Automating these tasks for you makes this possible. The tool assumes no prior knowledge of accounting.

Do I have to be non-VAT registered to make use of Tide Accounting?

For the initial launch of the tool you will need to be non-VAT-registered but the tool will cater to VAT-registered members later in 2022.

Is Tide Accounting only available on the web?

Currently, yes, but we are working on making this available on the mobile app too.

What’s the difference between cash and accrual accounting? Does Tide Accounting support both?

Tide Accounting is only available to members that use cash accounting. As we advance the tool, it will become available for all accounting bases.

If my business is using the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), can I make use of Tide Accounting?

Unfortunately, at the moment, Tide Accounting would then not be compatible. We plan to make the tool available for businesses using CIS in the future.

How does Tide Accounting calculate my self-assessment estimate?

When you categorise your transactions in Tide, Tide Accounting automatically matches these categories to HMRC’s self assessment SA103 Business Income and Business Expenses categories. This provides your self-assessment estimate. The estimate is based only on the transactions in your Tide account and any manual transactions you add.