Future Startups

The business ideas of the future brought to you by the future entrepreneurs of the nation

The future will be shaped by the youngest members of society, and consequently, there is a whole new generation of bright minds ready to produce the next generation of local businesses, social enterprises, fast growing start-ups and multi-million pound new businesses.

We have spoken to 5 precocious youngsters aged 5-9 years old and discovered their brightest ideas to share with the world.

From social media education to sweet-tasting vegetables, and even bringing the Dodo back to life, the imagination of a child knows no bounds. At Tide, we help startups innovate and grow, which is why we have brought some of our favourite business ideas of the future entrepreneurs to life below.

TTA (The TikTok Academy)

Founder: Poppy, 8

Poppy is full of energy, loves to exercise, dance and run around outside. When she’s not making up TikTok dances, she is most probably drawing. The TikTok Academy is Poppy’s dream - being able to combine her creativity and energy with a passion for everything TikTok would be the stuff of dreams. Always thinking of out of the box ideas, Poppy is a born entrepreneur.

What is it? The TikTok academy is exactly what it sounds like, a school where you learn how to use TikTok. There will be classes on how to use the platform as both a viewer and a creator to learn how to use the site properly, moreover, there will be lessons that teach kids about the business side of TikTok.

The logo for the TTA is a phone with wings as the academy will help young people take flight and fulfil their full potential on social media while educating them in a really fun and enjoyable way.

Why is it important? Not only is TikTok a fun platform for kids to entertain themselves, but it can also be educational, and if used to its full potential it can be lucrative for aspiring content creators.

The top-earning TikTok star is Addison Rae who makes over £3.5 million every year on the platform, and with its increasing popularity, the top stars' earnings are always increasing. In 2020 TikTok overtook Facebook to become the most downloaded app, and it is believed there are now over 689 million users internationally.

Therefore graduates of the TikTok Academy will be in the best place to understand this ever-growing social media platform and use it in such a way that they become the next social media sensations.

Make Believe Friends

Founder: Lacey, 5

Lacey is a sweet, kind and considerate girl with an imagination beyond belief. When she's not having fun with friends at nursery, she is playing and exploring around the garden or park with all she needs for the best time ever - her imagination. The only thing which would make her adventures even better, is if her friends could come along with her. Unfortunately the last year has meant learning at home and no friends, so with Lacey’s new invention, her garden adventures are transformed into a party!

What is it? When it’s time to come home from school, or from the park, wouldn’t it be good if there was still a way for kids to talk to friends while at home? Well, now they can with a virtual mythical companion, a make-believe friend.

The make-believe friend is a far more sophisticated idea than the typical imaginary friend that children of previous generations had to conjure up in their own heads. With this idea, they actually get to see them!

Why is it important? There is often a stigma about imaginary friends for children, when in reality having an imaginary friend can be a crucial tool in aiding development.

Imaginary friends are often the sign of a more creative and imaginative child and the friend helps this talent flourish. Our website takes this concept a step further and brings the perfect imaginary friend to life as more than just thought.

Veg to Choc Drops

Founder: Leo, 8

Leo loves to watch movies, eat snacks and relax with his family. When he's not indulging in a classic kids movie he is playing on his PlayStation or hanging out with friends. Whilst he loves to kick back and chill out, there's one thing he truly hates - vegetables. Leo has created this simple yet innovative product to make meal time at home much easier. No shouting from mum, no fuss - and he can get back to gaming quicker. Leo is always looking out for ways to make tasks easier and quicker - a born entrepreneur!

What is it? Veg to Choc Drops takes something that kids don’t like and makes it into something they do. In this case, taking vegetables and making them taste like chocolates or sweets, while still retaining the nutritional value of eating the veg.

These drops would use flavourings to cover the original taste of the veg, meaning the meal remains healthy but tastes nicer and more palatable for young children.

Why is it important? Veg to Choc Drops make mealtimes for families with youngsters less stressful and actually encourage them to eat up their greens.

Despite making the food taste more unhealthy, Veg to Choc Drops are actually safeguarding children's futures by enabling them to eat more healthily.

The Virtual Zoo

Founder: Lucas, 6

Lucas’s room is bursting with lions, tigers and bears. He loves learning new facts about every living species, including spiders! When he's not at school or with his family, he is out exploring looking for mystic beasts and collecting creepy crawlies. His idea came when he saw a documentary about dinosaurs and extinct species, and his mind wandered to the future possibilities. I think we’ve found our next David Attenborough!

What is it? The Virtual Zoo uses the increasingly available and affordable virtual reality technology to transport a child (or anyone) to a zoo where they can see any animal in the world in its natural habitat from the comfort of their own home.

Using state of the art technology to create a lifelike experience, children can be transported to see Lions in the Savannah, Penguins in the Antarctic, and even Dinosaurs in their Jurassic habitat.

Why is it important? Zoos have always been incredibly important in making children more interested and involved in wildlife, as well as learning more about the creatures that we share the planet with. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of removing wild animals from their natural habitats and forcing them to live in captivity, consequently the Virtual Zoo means that everybody wins.

Furthermore, the Virtual Zoo brings the experience of a real-life zoo (and more) to everyone and makes seeing wild animals in all their glory more accessible to a wider swathe of the population.

Borrow My Bear

Founder: Immy, 10

Immy is a super creative girl who loves writing stories and art. She does horse riding and swimming in her spare time and gives the boys a run for their money on the football pitch. Immy also loves her teddies! Immy’s mum says: “Since Immy has been a toddler she has been so attached to her soft toys, having a few that she does really call her best friends. She will take them with her, in her backpack wherever we go. It's very easy to see why Immy came up with the idea to create an app to check in on her teddies. Especially now with COVID where strict measures are in place at school and she is not allowed to take anything from home into class.”

What is it? When a child is at school or out for the day, with whom will their teddy bears dance and play? To adults this may sound silly, but many children genuinely worry about the welfare of their soft toys while they’re away.

To make sure no danger befalls teddy whilst they’re gone, children and parents can now call on the services of Borrow My Bear, a service which allows a child's friends to watch over their beloved teddies whilst they are away. It works in a similar way to apps such as Borrow My Doggy, except this time it is a different furry friend being looked after.

Why is it important? Borrow My Bear provides peace of mind to a possibly distressed child, and means they don’t have to take all their teddies with them wherever they go.

Additionally, it helps create friendships and a community spirit between young kids as they look out for each other by looking after their furry friends.