Get Started

Ready to make the most of your Tide account?

3 easy ways to get started
Make a transfer 1

Make a transfer

Move money into your Tide account from another account – find your sort code and account number on your app’s home screen.

Deposit Cash 2

Deposit cash

Take your Tide card and cash to any Post Office or PayPoint, and your money will be in your account the following day. Learn more.

Send an invoice 3

Send an invoice

Have your clients pay you directly into your Tide account. Tap ‘Invoice’ in the app, and follow the instructions to create one.

Fund your account this week before Friday 28th September 2018, to get 3 months worth of free transfers. (We don’t charge monthly fees, and we’ll waive our £0.20 charge per Faster Payments for the next 3 months if you deposit funds by the 28th September.)
Did you know? You can access Tide on the web, as well as on your mobile.