Using your IBAN and International Currency Account

How can I receive international payments?

Share the IBAN and BIC associated with your international currency account with the person who wants to pay you.

You’ll receive three unique IBAN and BIC pairs:

  • One for SWIFT GBP payments (beginning with GB) – you’ll use this to receive international GBP payments sent via the SWIFT network.
  • One for SEPA EUR payments (beginning with DE) – you’ll use this to receive Euros within the SEPA zone.
  • One for all other international currency payments (beginning with DK) – you’ll use this to receive payments all other currencies (including SWIFT Euro payments).

Please note that the GB IBAN is only for Pound Sterling payments and the DE IBAN is only for Euro payments. Payments in any other currencies sent to these IBANs may fail.

If you’re asked to share the address associated with your IBAN and BIC, you can find these details in-app by tapping ‘More’, then ‘International currencies’, then selecting the relevant account.

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