Get that ‘just got paid’ feeling

It’s been a while since you’ve used your Tide card, but we haven’t forgotten about you! Here’s a gift to welcome you back: spend £50 in any transaction in the next 30 days using your main Tide card, and we’ll deposit £5 back into your account* 🎉


There’s no sign-up or paperwork needed to get your £5. Just put your Tide card to work, and you’ll:

  • Enjoy flexible spending 💪
    Spend online and in-store where you see the Mastercard logo
  • Stay safe when going cashless 💳
    Tap your secure, contactless Tide card (up to £100) or use Apple Pay for a higher contactless limit
  • Track your spending easily 💰
    Get instant notifications on your phone whenever a purchase is made
  • Protect your money 👊
    3D Secure helps keep your account safe from fraudsters – find out more about 3DS
  • Have a high spending limit 🙌
    With a £10k current daily spending limit, you’re covered when you’re spending regularly or making larger purchases


Lost or damaged your Tide card? Getting a replacement is easy, quick and free:

  1. Open your Tide app
  2. Tap More in the bottom left-hand corner
  3. Tap Cards > Cancel or Re-order Cards > Yes


As usual, the relevant terms and conditions apply when you’re using your Tide card.

If you have any questions, tap Support in your Tide app to send us a message.


✈️ Travelling abroad soon?

Our exchange rates are seriously competitive, you won’t pay any extra charges on top of the normal Mastercard fees. Take a look at the Mastercard calculator.


*This promotion is only available to the member it was sent to. To automatically enter the promotion, the member must make valid card transactions totaling a value of at least £50, excluding withdrawals from ATMs, and any disputes and recharges, between 09:00 on 14/09/22 and 23:59 on 13/10/22. Member should spend the funds using their main Tide card associated with their Tide account. Each qualifying member will only receive 1 cash award totalling a maximum of £5 by 23/10/22. Members must hold an active Tide membership until at least 23:59 on 13/10/22 and be compliant with all applicable standard terms and conditions. Tide reserves the right to withdraw this offer any time without any liability. Tide gives no warranty of any kind nor accepts any liability whatsoever in connection with this offer or other services/ products or your use of it.