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Tide - Our Members - Business Banking
Vicky SimmonsFounder of Mean MailTide member

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Tide - Dan & Jake, Mckinley and Paget - Business Banking
Dan McKinley and Jake Paget

Founders of McKinley & Paget
“We first met in a lift at college and bonded over our love of contextual study and the theories around art and design. Maybe that’s what brought us here 10 years later, the fact we like the depth and the context behind design…”
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Tide - Michelle Oh Jewellery - Business Banking
Michelle Oh

Founder of Michelle Oh Jewellery
“Ever since the economic crisis people have been more conscious about what they spend their money on so when they are buying something expensive and important, like an engagement ring, it has to be really special....”
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Tide - Tem Mellese, Cold and Blac - Business Banking
Tem Mellese

Founder of Cold and Blac
“I was born in Ethiopia. As a kid growing up, I would see all the adults drinking coffee on a daily basis. People would stand around a fire for an hour to roast and grind the beans…”
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Tide - Claudine O’Sullivan - Business Banking
Claudine O’Sullivan

Artist and Illustrator
“I’m from Dublin and moved to London eight years ago. Growing up, I was really into art but never really thought about it as a viable job…”
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Tide - Sanmi & Tommy, All Shades Covered - Business Banking
Sanmi Ogunmola and Tommy Williams

Founders of All Shades Covered
"We always knew that hair products were a huge pain point for black women. We’d seen the problem as kids but clearly the rest of the market hadn’t paid too much attention to it…”
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Tide - Angelique van der Linde, Kandl - Business Banking
Angelique van der Linde

Founder of Kandl
"It was Angelique van der Linde’s nose that led her into business eight months ago. The self-confessed “scent lover” liked nothing more than filling her home with fragrant candles but sourcing top quality ones was proving tricky."
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