Tide Invoicing App Beta Testing Terms & Conditions

  1. By accepting these Beta Testing Terms and Conditions, you also accept the Tide Membership T&Cs. 
  2. You acknowledge that data from your non-Tide business current account and any other personal data you submit as part of the Beta Test will be processed in accordance with Tide’s Privacy Policy available at www.tide.co/privacy
  3. To be eligible to receive the £50 Amazon voucher (the “Offer”), applicants must be one of the first 100 people to successfully download the beta Tide Invoicing app, connect their existing non-Tide business current account to the Tide Membership (see the Tide Membership T&Cs), and provide feedback by 23:59 on 18th September 2022 via email form.
  4. The Offer includes a £50 Amazon Voucher –  limited to one voucher per business connected to Tide Membership. This is subject to the requirements listed below in paras 5-8.
  5. The Offer is only valid for new Tide Membership applications submitted with a non-Tide business current account. 
  6. The Offer is subject to availability and will be received only by the first 100 individuals to complete the requirements listed in paragraph 7. 
  7. How to redeem:
    1. Provide your name and email address to Tide
    2. Receive an invitation to download the beta Tide Invoicing app
    3. Download the app
    4. Follow the steps to successfully connect your existing non-Tide business current account from a supported provider to your Tide Membership
    5. Complete and submit the feedback form, received to the email address provided, by 23:59 on 31st August 2022. The email address submitted in the feedback form must be the same email address used when signing up for Tide.
    6. Account opening is subject to Tide Membership eligibility criteria (see the Tide Membership T&Cs for further details). In addition, applicants must have a non-Tide business bank current account already set up, at a supported banking institution. Please see here for details of our eligibility criteria. Tide has no obligation to approve any application for a Tide Membership.
  8. The list of supported providers is as follows Starling Bank, Monzo, Barclays, Natwest, Lloyds, Cashplus, HSBC, Santander, Revolut, TSB, Virgin Money, Bank of Scotland and RBS. 
  9. The voucher will arrive at the e-mail address you provided in your Tide Membership application. Please note it may take between 5 and 6 weeks (after your feedback form has been received) for the voucher to arrive.
  10. Additional terms may apply to the redemption of the Amazon Voucher (including Amazon’s own terms) and therefore you are strongly encouraged to review all information included with your Amazon Voucher. 
  11. Kindly note that if you avail of your Amazon Voucher your personal data will be processed by Amazon as a data controller separate from Tide and in line with Amazon’s privacy policy found here.
  12. We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions or withdraw this Offer at any time.