Meet Neha Dalpatia, our Lead People Partner, Tide India

Our People team is dedicated to growing the Tide team🤝. As we scale up in India, the People team is working diligently to help us grow from strength to strength💪. They ensure an amazing work culture for Tideans and that they have all the tools at their disposal to evolve their careers📈. We’d love for you to meet the people behind the People team– so here’s our Lead People Partner in India: Neha!

👋 Hi Neha, great to chat with you today! Please introduce yourself in a sentence.

Hey everyone I work with Tide as a Lead People Partner for India.

Tell us about what you were doing before Tide? And, how did you cross paths with Tide?

Prior to working at Tide I worked for about 20 years across various sectors such as Banking, Finance and Hospitality. I have partnered with key executives across the levels to drive Diversity & Inclusion, employee engagement, and performance in an environment experiencing both significant external and internal organisational change. I established and implemented short-and long-term corporate policies, programs, and practices. These include maintaining or improving employee relations, talent acquisition and development, succession planning, workforce planning, compensation and benefits and performance management.

That’s wonderful to know! 🙂 Could you describe your journey at Tide so far in three words?

Upward, Learning and Evolving.

Amazing! So, tell us, what’s the favourite part of your role?

I love the fact that work and business are all about people. I look forward to the variety of work that comes my way every day.

What do you think makes Tide a great place to work?

I love the culture and the people I work with. Tide offers a culture of open communication which fosters creativity and innovation. I am very happy and proud to be a part of an organisation where we see female representation from the entry-level up to the Senior Leadership. We are hiring big time in India and Diversity and Inclusion is one of our top priorities.

What are your thoughts about Tide’s Working Outside the Office (WOO) policy?

Remote work is no longer a temporary measure but the new normal. I feel it’s a great initiative to encourage work-life balance and provide flexibility to employees.

Neha with her daughter.

I completely agree with you. So, tell us what are you most excited about this year at Tide? 🤩

Ramping up operations in India and opening up a new office space in New Delhi. This has been much awaited and I’m really looking forward to having teams collaborate, build and leverage relationships while working together.

Neha, with Guy Duncan, Chief Technology Officer, Tide during the Hyderabad office inauguration.

When you’re not working, what’s your favourite thing to do?

I practise Yoga which keeps me active and going. I love to spend time with family and last but not the least I have a dog Sultan 🐶 – who just lightens up my day! 

If you could only have three apps on your smartphone 📲, which would you pick?

Whatsapp, Google Maps and Linkedin.

Thank you so much for chatting with us, Neha. Wish you all the best for your upcoming endeavours. 🙌

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Prateek Joshi

Prateek Joshi

Senior Manager (Content & Social Media)

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