What benefits are included in the Reward Pass?

With a Rewards Pass bundle you will receive

1) Free ATM cash withdrawals: The amount equivalent to the ATM withdrawal fee for the successful transactions will be credited to your Tide Expense Card. However, if we find that any amounts have been delivered to you incorrectly (such as in case of an unsuccessful ATM withdrawal), we reserve the right to cancel or set off such erroneously delivered amounts against any sums we owe you, subject to applicable law. ATM withdrawal benefit on a Rewards Pass will only activate from the date you subscribe to the Rewards Pass. For example, if a Rewards Pass is purchased on the 10th of March, only the ATM withdrawals made on or after the date of purchase (in this case, 10th March) would be eligible for this benefit.

2) Casback Benefit: 3% Cashback when transacting through your Tide Expense Card as per the terms set out here . Cashback will be credited at the end of the month (% spend on any transaction up to a limit of Rs.18,500 per month). Cashback benefit will be calculated considering all transactions made in the entire calendar month in which the Rewards Pass is purchased. For example, if a Rewards Pass is purchased on the 10th of March, the Rewards Pass will remain valid until the last day of March (31st) and all transactions made in the month of March (starting from the 1st of March) would be considered towards calculation of cashback for such month.

This is in addition to the free/default plan benefits of:

– Free physical card
– Chatbot support
– Basic invoicing

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