Unveiling the journey of Sahil Nair: From Lockdown boredom to Influencer stardom

Meet Sahil

The bustling streets of Delhi, amidst the chaos and charm, are home to many talented content creators. There resides Sahil Nair, an up and coming lifestyle influencer and a Tide member. Sahil is a digital dynamo, an active lifestyle influencer carving his path through the vibrant world of social media.

Sahil’s journey began in the midst of the 2020 lockdown, a time when the world seemed to stand still. Like many others, Sahil found solace in the digital realm, scrolling through endless reels and posts on Instagram and YouTube. Little did he know that these scrolling sessions would plant the seeds of inspiration that would eventually blossom into a thriving career.

“I saw people creating videos on YouTube and Instagram, showcasing their lives and passions. They were not only entertaining but also collaborating with brands,” Sahil recalls with a gleam in his eyes. “That’s when it hit me – I could do this too.”

With a background in Computer Science engineering, Sahil possessed the technical prowess to navigate the digital landscape with finesse. But it was his creativity and passion for lifestyle that set him apart. Equipped with determination and a desire to share his creativity with the world, Sahil embarked on his influencer journey.

Overcoming the challenges

“It wasn’t easy at first,” Sahil admits, reflecting on the challenges he faced. “Building an audience from scratch, wondering if people would like my content, and whether brands would notice me – those were just a few of the challenges I encountered.”

But Sahil didn’t let these challenges deter him. He dove headfirst into content creation, pouring his heart and soul into each post and video. And his efforts paid off. Before long, Sahil’s unique perspective and engaging content began to resonate with audiences, garnering him a loyal following of over 30,000 followers on Instagram and YouTube.

Creating his success STORY

“The support I received from my followers was amazing,” Sahil beams, his eyes alight with gratitude. “Their encouragement gave me the confidence to keep going, to keep pushing the boundaries of creativity.”

As Sahil’s influence grew, so did his opportunities. Brands began to take notice of his growing presence on social media, eager to collaborate with him to reach his engaged audience. 

How Tide helped Sahil

Speaking about his journey with Tide as a member, Sahil says, “I became aware of Tide while scrolling through Instagram reels,” Sahil recalls. “The card and the features of the app caught my eye – like no extra charges, reward points, and cashback – I knew it was the perfect fit for me.”

Choosing Tide wasn’t just a practical decision for Sahil; it was a strategic one. As an influencer, Sahil juggles personal and business expenses, and Tide’s seamless integration of both in one app appealed to his need for efficiency and organisation.

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Sahil’s way forward

But Sahil’s journey is far from over. With each passing day, he strives to hone his skills, elevate his content, and forge new partnerships with brands that align with his values and vision.

“To all the up-and-coming influencers out there, my advice is simple: don’t lose hope,” Sahil offers, his voice brimming with conviction. “Keep creating, keep innovating, and above all, stay true to yourself. Your uniqueness is your greatest asset, and it’s only a matter of time before the world takes notice.”

As Sahil looks to the future, he sees endless possibilities stretching out before him like a canvas waiting to be painted. With unwavering determination and boundless creativity, he’s ready to write the next chapter of his influencer journey – one post, one video, and one brand collaboration at a time. And with Tide by his side, the sky’s the limit for this Delhiite with dreams as vast as the digital horizon.

👉 You can connect with Sahil on Instagram and Youtube.

Prateek Joshi

Prateek Joshi

Senior Manager (Content & Social Media)

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