tide September Spends Offer Terms

Offer Details

1. This offer will begin on 19th Sep 2023 and will end on 30th Sep 2023 (both dates
2. As part of this offer, Tide Members can earn rewards worth two per cent (2%) of the cumulative
amount spent during the offer period using their Tide Expense Card, if their transactions meet
the eligibility criteria.
3. The maximum value of rewards Tide Members can earn under this offer is Two Hundred Rupees
(INR 200).
4. Rewards will be delivered in the form of Amazon gift card(s) of a INR value corresponding to the
rewards earned.


5. To be eligible for this offer, you must use your Tide Expense Card during the offer period to
make eligible transactions worth at least a cumulative amount of Ten Thousand Rupees
6. You are not eligible to earn rewards exceeding Twenty Thousand Rupees (INR 20,000) in a
calendar month across all Tide offers cumulatively.
7. This offer is further subject to Tide Rewards Terms and Conditions available here. You must read
them carefully and also meet the eligibility criteria set out in those terms.
8. To be eligible for this offer, you agree and confirm that the transactions will be/ are being made
strictly for personal use and not for business use.

How does it work?

9. We consider the date on which money is deducted from your prepaid payment instrument (PPI)
(linked with your Tide Expense Card) as the date of the transaction.
10. If your Tide Expense Card is cancelled or withdrawn, or if the PPI associated with your Tide
Expense Card is terminated or suspended, any rewards earned under this offer (which are yet to
be delivered) will be deemed forfeited.
11. Only genuine transactions will count towards eligibility for this offer. A transaction will not count
towards the eligibility for this offer if: (a) you cancel or reverse the transaction; (b) the
transaction is invalidated or fails to go through; (c) the merchant or you dispute the transaction;
(d) the transaction is made to load/fund your PPI associated with the Tide Expense Card; (e) the
transaction is not made during the offer period; (g) the transaction is a cash withdrawal from an
ATM; (h) the transaction is not valid or appears to be suspicious or fraudulent; (i) the transaction
is made towards a purchase of prohibited goods or services; or (j) the transaction is directly or
indirectly made towards payment of rent, utilities, bill payments or education fee.
12. If we find that rewards have been delivered to you incorrectly, we reserve the right to cancel or
set off such erroneous payments against any sums we owe you, subject to applicable law. We
also reserve the right to withhold or forfeit any rewards we believe have been earned
13. Our computation of the rewards will be final and binding. For any disputes about the reward
amount, you must reach out to us at indiasupport@tide.co within thirty (30) days from the date
you’re informed about the rewards you’ve earned under the offer.

How will the rewards be credited?

14. Rewards will be delivered in the form of Amazon gift card(s) of a INR value corresponding to the
rewards earned. An Amazon gift card will be sent to your email ID registered with us. Note that
it may take up to six (6) weeks (from the date the offer ends) for the gift card to arrive in your

Additional Terms

15. Additional terms may apply to the redemption of the Amazon gift cards (including Amazon’s
own terms). We advise you to review all information included with your Amazon gift card. If you
avail your Amazon gift card, Amazon will process your personal data (as a data controller
separate from us) in line with its privacy policy.
16. You understand that we do not issue Amazon gift cards. Accordingly, we are not responsible for
any issues relating to their use, redemption, limitations, or unavailability. We give no warranty
of any kind nor accept any liability in connection with the Amazon gift cards distributed as part
of the offer.
17. This offer, the eligibility criteria, disqualification criteria, validity criteria for transactions,
rewards and any other terms can be modified, withdrawn, or cancelled, in part or in full, at any
time, in our sole discretion, without any intimation.