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Our mission

We are a business financial platform that offers bank accounts, loans, and a variety of tools – everything you need to run your business.

Our goal is to help small and medium businesses save time and money. That’s why we’re building a finance platform with you in mind. We’re dedicated to transforming the business banking industry, and we’ve received a grant backed by the UK government to help facilitate this change.

We’re one of the UK’s fastest-growing fintechs, and as of 2023, we’re currently the choice of over 10% of SMEs in the UK.

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Claire PedleyThe Poured Project

Once I’d filled in the application online, the account was active in about an hour. I can’t stress how easy Tide is to use.


Dr. Oliver Prill

CEO, Tide

Oliver joined Tide in 2018 and has pioneered the company to become the UK’s leading business financial platform. He has over 20 years of leadership experience in financial services, banking and insurance. In many of his roles, Oliver has worked closely with small business owners and has always been inspired by their energy and passion. However, he knows that for too long they have been let down by traditional banks.  Oliver is adamant to put founders at the forefront of Tide’s agenda and bring a better business banking alternative to small businesses.

Our Responsibility

At Tide, we have a social responsibility to make the world a better place to do business.


Supporting women in business

We’ve committed to welcoming 200,000 female-led businesses to Tide by the end of 2027. This builds upon our earlier achievement and adds to the 100,000 women entrepreneurs we’ve already onboarded in 2023.

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Removing 100% of our carbon emissions (the first fintech to do so)

While we at Tide may not make much of a difference on our own, our reach to our Members,who make up around 9% of UK SMEs, will. That’s why we’re taking decisive action now to curtail the spiralling effects of greenhouse gases (GHG)on the Earth’s atmosphere.

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