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Free invoicing for small businesses

There’s no need for separate invoicing software.

With Tide, you can bill your customers directly from the Tide app and keep track of your invoices and payments whenever and wherever you’re online.

All your invoicing needs in one place

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Quick and easy

Create and send invoices on the go from your Tide app or Tide on the web

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Add your logo, set payment terms, write a personal message, add recipients in To/CC/BCC

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Add VAT if you need to

Choose a preset rate, automatically work out the VAT, use this for your VAT return

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Stay organised

Match payments to invoices, mark as paid and keep track of your payments with auto categories.

Get paid even faster. Try Invoice Assistant

Our mission is to help those who work for themselves. Invoice Assistant will streamline your invoicing and help you get paid on time too. For just £10 + VAT per month, enjoy:

  • Automatic chasing of payments
  • Automatic invoice matching
  • Two free Direct Debits every month

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Free invoicing for small businesses

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Freelancers and sole traders

Create professional digital invoices from the Tide app, from wherever you are

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Limited companies

Send personalised messages and manage your invoices on both mobile and web

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Growing businesses

View your customers’ credit rating and add Invoice Protection for extra peace of mind.

Invoicing is FREE for Tide members on all our membership plans: Premium, Plus and Free

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From invoicing to getting paid in three simple steps

Select customer

Find your customer and update their details if you need to.

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Choose payment terms

Add invoice line items and set a due date to help make sure you get paid on time.

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Personalise and review

Add your company logo and write a personal message, then check and send to your customer.

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Invoicing is an absolute lifesaver when you need help to get organised. So many features, all designed to help make running your business easier. I'm invoicing customers before I leave the job!

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Invoice Protection

Protect your invoices with cover from Hokodo and your payment is guaranteed, even if your customer isn’t able to pay you (terms and conditions apply).

Find out how to insure your invoices against non-payment.


Invoice FAQs

Can I cancel an invoice after I’ve sent it?

Yes, Invoices can be cancelled after they have been sent. In 3 quick steps, here’s how you can cancel an invoice:

  1. Select the invoice
  2. Go to Actions > Cancel Invoice
  3. Review and send the email (your invoice won’t be canceled if you do not complete this step

NOTE: Invoices for collection via Direct Debit or protected through Invoice Protection cannot be cancelled.

How much does the Invoice Assistant cost?

The Invoice Assistant is our Invoicing add-on. It costs £10+VAT per month and is billed monthly in advance.

How do I sign up for Invoice Assistant?

To sign up for Invoice Assistant, simply go into the Tide mobile or desktop app:

  • Select Invoice on the bottom menu
  • Then tap Manage at the top right of the screen
  • Select Features from the menu to get to the ‘Add-on’ screen
  • Select and then tap on Get Invoice Assistant
  • Then tap OK to confirm. We will send you an email to confirm your purchase

Is Invoice Assistant available to Sole Traders?

Yes. Invoice Assistant is available both for Limited Companies and Sole Traders. For £10 a month + VAT, you can get:

  • Automatic invoice chasing
  • Automatic invoice matching
  • 2 x FREE Direct Debits per month, powered by GoCardless

How do I create an invoice with Tide’s Invoice feature?

It’s easy. Open your Tide app and go to Invoice.

Start by editing your template then click Create a new invoice.

Add items, add VAT if you need to.

Check all the details then send it to your customer.

If you want extra peace of mind, go to Tide on the web and add Invoice Protection.

Is Tide’s Invoicing feature free?

Yes. Invoicing is free for all Tide members to use. You can create and send invoices, as well as customise them with your company logo.

Automatic invoice chasing and auto-matching, as well as two free Direct Debits powered by GoCardless per month, are available as part of the Tide Invoice Assistant feature, which costs £10 +VAT/month.

How do I create a draft invoice?

Updated: 19 February 2021

Currently, you can’t create an invoice and save it as a draft. But we’re building this! It will be ready later in 2021.

Can I amend/edit an invoice after I’ve sent it?

No. However we’re working on solutions so you’ll be able to edit invoices.

How do I change my name/address/email address in invoices?

Your details are automatically filled in for you.

In your invoice settings, you can change your email address.

If you’re a sole trader, you can change your name and address too.

If you’re a limited company, you can’t change your name and registered address because for legal reasons, the details on your invoices must match the details we have for your business.

To change your invoice settings:

  • In your Tide app, go to Invoice > Actions (top right)
  • Tap Settings

See also: How can I edit my invoice template?

How do I edit my invoice template?

Currently you can’t change the template design but you can change all of these in your invoice settings:

  • Company logo
  • Company name
  • Invoice address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Default due date

To change your invoice settings:

  • In your Tide app, go to Invoice > Actions (top right)
  • Tap Settings

Want to see how your invoice template looks?

  • In your Tide app, go to Invoice > Actions (top right) > Settings
  • Tap the PDF icon (top right)

How do I edit my customers' details?

It’s easy to edit your customers’ details. Here’s what to do:

  • In your Tide app, go to Invoice > tap Actions (top right)
  • Tap Customers
  • Tap on the customer whose details you want to change
  • Edit their details and save the changes

How do I add VAT to an invoice?

To add VAT to invoices you create in your Tide app, you’ll need to add your VAT number to your profile. Here’s what to do:

  • In your Tide app, go to More > Profile
  • Tap your trading address
  • Add your VAT number

After that, when you create an invoice, you’ll be able to choose the VAT rate for each invoice.

How do I match an invoice to the payment?

  • Go to Invoice
  • Select an invoice and tap Actions
  • Tap Mark as Paid
  • Select the relevant transaction and tap Confirm
    You can match invoices to payments you received in the previous two months.

That’s it! Easy.

Or you could make use of the Invoice Assistant add-on for only £10/mth and the matching and chasing of invoices will be done automatically for you. You will also receive 2 free Direct Debits per month, powered by GoCardless. Tide’s Invoice Assistant is available to both sole traders and limited companies. See the Invoice Assistant terms and conditions for further details.

How do I mark two or more invoices as paid?

  • Go to Invoice
  • Select an invoice by long-pressing, or go to the Actions menu (top right) and choose Select.
    You can select up to 100 invoices.
  • Tap the ✔ to mark the invoices as paid

Can my customer pay an invoice by card?

Updated: 19 February 2021

Currently this option isn’t available with Tide Invoicing. But we’re building it! We hope it will be ready later in 2021.

If your customer wants to pay an invoice by card, they’ll need to get in touch with you directly.

What improvements to Invoicing are Tide working on at the moment?

Updated: 19 February 2021

Plenty! Did you know that Invoicing was one of the first features we built for the Tide app? It’s one of our favourite features.

In 2020, our dedicated Invoicing team launched these enhancements:

These and the improvements we’re currently working on are all suggestions from members like you. Take a look at our roadmap to see what we’re working on and add your votes and suggestions. Or you can email us: invoicing.feedback@tide.co

Which of my invoices are eligible for Invoice Protection?

Any invoice you send to another business is eligible for Invoice Protection as long as:

  • it’s a valid invoice
  • it isn’t too close to the due date
  • it was issued within 30 days of the supply of the goods and/or services
  • it’s supported by evidence that the customer confirmed the purchase
    This could be a purchase order, email confirmation or agreed contract.

If you only received verbal confirmation of the order, then you can still take our Invoice Protection. However, Hokodo won’t pay a claim for your invoice if your customer disputes having placed the order.

To take out Invoice Protection, you’ll be asked to confirm that, to the best of your knowledge, your customer:

  • is not insolvent
  • is able to pay the invoice at the time you buy the protection
  • does not have any other outstanding invoices with you which are over 45 days overdue.

Hokodo doesn’t expect you to do any further investigation of your customer’s solvency. However if, in carrying out your business, you discover it’s likely that your customer won’t be able to pay your invoice then you must not take out any further Invoice Protection on invoices to that customer.

Find out more about Invoice Protection and how it works.

Invoice protection is provided by Hokodo Services Limited, who are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Appointed Representative of Innovative Risk Ltd. Invoice Protection is available for eligible invoices. Hokodo assess invoice eligibility based on a range of factors including the identity of the buyer and how close the invoice is to its due date

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