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Send invoices to your customers directly from your Tide app.
It’s FREE, quick, and customisable.

Free invoicing for small businesses

There’s no need to use separate software.

With Tide you can bill your customers directly from the Tide app and keep track of your invoices and payments whenever and wherever you’re online.

Free invoicing for all Tide members

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Freelancers and sole traders

Create professional digital invoices from the Tide app, anywhere you’re online

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Limited companies

Send personalised messages and manage your invoices on both mobile and web

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Growing businesses

View your customers’ credit rating and add Invoice Protection for extra peace of mind

Invoicing is FREE for Tide members on all our membership plans: Premium, Plus and Free

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See how it works

Watch to find out how to create and send an invoice from your Tide app.

It's easy to send an invoice with your Tide app - here's how

Go to Invoice > Create invoice

Select your customer. Update their details if you need to.

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Choose payment terms

Set a clear due date to help make sure you’re paid on time.

Invoice due date selection

Personalise and review

Write a personal message if you like, then check and send to your customer.

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Invoicing is simple and easy to use. It's great that Tide is continually improving how it works.

Tide member, beta-test for Invoicing, 2020
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Quick and easy

Create and send invoices on the go from your Tide app or Tide on the web

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Add VAT if you need to

Choose a preset rate, automatically work out the VAT, use this for your VAT return

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Add your logo, set payment terms, write a personal message, add recipients in To/CC/BCC

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Stay organised

Match payments to invoices, mark as paid. Coming soon: automatic invoice matching, chase unpaid invoices

Invoice Protection

Protect your invoices with cover from Hokodo and your payment is guaranteed, even if your customer isn’t able to pay you (terms and conditions apply).

Find out how to insure your invoices against non-payment.


Invoice FAQs

How do I create an invoice with Tide’s Invoice feature?

It’s easy. Open your Tide app and go to Invoice.

Start by editing your template then click Create a new invoice.

Add items, add VAT if you need to.

Check all the details then send it to your customer.

If you want extra peace of mind, go to Tide on the web and add Invoice Protection.

Is Tide’s Invoicing feature free?

Yes. Tide members on all our memberships plans can use the Invoicing feature for free.

As you’d expect, there’s a charge to insure invoices with Invoice Protection.

How do I match an invoice to the payment?

  • Go to Invoice
  • Select an invoice and tap Actions
  • Tap Mark as Paid
  • Select the relevant transaction and tap Confirm
    You can match invoices to payments you received in the previous two months.

That’s it! Easy.

How do I mark two or more invoices as paid?

  • Go to Invoice
  • Select an invoice by long-pressing, or go to the Actions menu and choose Select.
    You can select up to 100 invoices.
  • Tap the ✔ to mark the invoices as paid

Can I amend an invoice after I’ve sent it?

Updated: 8 July 2020

No. However we’re working on solutions so you’ll be able to cancel and clone invoices. We expect these to be ready later in 2020.

Can I change my name/address/email address in invoices with the Tide app?

Your details are automatically filled in for you.

In your invoice settings, you can change your email address.

If you’re a sole trader, you can change your name and address too.

If you’re a limited company, you can’t change your name and address because for legal reasons, the details on your invoices must match the details we have for your business.

What improvements to Invoicing are Tide working on at the moment?

Updated: 8 July 2020

Plenty! Did you know that Invoicing was one of the first features we built to do more for business owners than you get with a conventional bank account? So it’s one of our favourite features.

This year, our dedicated Invoicing team is working on lots of enhancements such as

  • automatic payment matching
  • chasing invoices
  • a safe way to correct invoicing mistakes

These and other improvements are all suggestions from people like you, Tide members, who need a quick and easy invoicing system.

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