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Supporting women in business

We’ve made a bold commitment to supporting women in the UK in starting and running their own businesses. We have set ourselves the target of helping 100,000+ female-led businesses start out by the end of 2023.

This stand is in response to Alison Rose’s Review of Female Entrepreneurship, which found:

  • Only 32% of UK entrepreneurs are women
  • There’s a huge untapped potential for the UK economy
  • A need for greater support for entrepreneurial women
We want to support entrepreneurial women in their journey and believe we’re in a strong position to do exactly that. Working with small businesses every day, we understand the support and guidance needed to make the big step to start out in business – whether it’s as a contractor, freelancer, sole trader, or small business owner.

Commitment objectives include

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    Welcoming 100,000 female-led businesses to Tide by the end of 2023

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    Tracking and reporting on female entrepreneurs using Tide

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    Organising initiatives and events to support women in opening their own businesses

Business inspiration from entrepreneurial women

Key findings

We surveyed 1,000 women who work for themselves, to learn more about their motivations for starting a business, the challenges they can face and the opportunities available to boost their businesses.

We’re using this data to identify how we can best support women in starting out in business, but it also makes interesting reading.

  • There are 1.6m self-employed women in the UK, mostly working in services (21%): 15% in health and 14% in professional services 
  • 6 in 10 female entrepreneurs say confidence was their biggest challenge when they first started out
  • Comparatively, only 38% say they needed financial support
  • The top areas where more support is needed are:
    • advice and information about growing a business
    • mentorship
    • advice and information about marketing a product
    • a network of peers
    • affordable workspace
    • advice and information about loans and credit

These insights will help us ensure we’re providing the right kind of support and initiatives to empower women in business.

You can read more about our research in this blog, and in this article published by Forbes.

Tips for starting a business

Supporting f:Entrepreneur


We’re the official sponsor of f:Entrepreneur, a campaign that highlights inspiring female business leaders across the UK.

The goal of the campaign is to celebrate the dynamic and inspirational businesses led by women in the UK.

It’s aimed at both men and women, because everyone has something to learn from these stories of challenge and success. Through events, content and story-telling, f:Entrepreneur showcases role models to help and inspire all small businesses.

Read their #ialso stories here.

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Thu 20 Feb

Masterclass: Making your first year in business a success

Tide HQ, London

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Tide founder, George Bevis, who’ll be sharing his wisdom on how to start a business and make your first year a success.

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Thu 26 Mar

Masterclass: How to gain confidence in yourself and your business

Tide HQ, London

Say goodbye to impostor syndrome and hello to a more empowered, confident you at work. Helen Tupper, owner of Amazing If, will lead this Masterclass to help you build skills to develop confidence in yourself and to inspire others to have confidence in you.

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Thu 23 Apr

Masterclass: How to do your own accounts

Tide HQ, London

Accountancy and book-keeping is one of the trickiest parts of running a business, but we all have to do it. In this masterclass, Adele Shaw of Octopus Accounting will give you all the tips, tricks and tools you need to help you save time and money on your financial admin.

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Thu 21 May

Masterclass: How to gain customers with a start-up marketing budget

Tide HQ, London

If you’re running a small business with a modest (or non-existent) marketing budget, acquiring customers can be tricky. Don’t miss this Masterclass with George Schmidt, Tide’s VP of Marketing. He’ll be sharing his secrets to help you make sure your marketing campaigns bring in new customers.

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Thu 25 Jun

Masterclass: How to smash your social media strategy

Tide HQ, London

Not sure where to start with your social media marketing? Or already underway but not convinced it’s working? Join our Masterclass with Kirstie Smith, co-founder of Social Circle and take away ideas to try and tools to test your next campaigns.

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Thu 20 Aug

Masterclass: What kind of funding do you need, when and how do you get it?

Tide HQ, London

There are a million different types of funding out there for start-ups and small businesses. But it can be tricky to know which type is best for your business and how to get it. Join this Masterclass led by Freddie Evans from VC fund Augmentum’s investment team to get the low down and some top tips.

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Thu 24 Sep

Masterclass: How to negotiate for what you’re worth

Tide HQ, London

She Wins is an organisation on a mission to empower women to negotiate their value This workshop-style Masterclass is designed to teach you fundamental negotiation skills – crucial for a successful career but are also incredibly useful in everyday life! You’ll learn to love negotiating.

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Thu 22 Oct

Masterclass: How to protect your business

Tide HQ, London

Are you doing enough to comply with regulations, protect your customers’ data and prevent a cyber-attack on your business? Take your security to the next level with Tide experts Matt Tataryn and Ben Dewar-Powell. They’ll explain the basics and give practical advice you can put into action immediately.

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Thu 26 Nov

Masterclass: How to understand mental health

Tide HQ, London

Especially for Movember, we’ll be investigating mental health at work. Our expert will explain how to understand and prioritise yours to benefit yourself, your colleagues and your business.

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