Meet Marisa, the Founder of M’s Hotsauce

The festive season and all its joys are on the horizon, including lots of yummy food! With this in mind, we’re delighted to introduce you to Marisa, Founder of M’s Hotsauce. She’s a food enthusiast and creative cook growing her Medway-based business.

In this Member Spotlight, Marisa shares her business journey: the passion that inspired her, what she loves most about running her own business and her exciting plans to take it to the next level. She also talks about the importance of celebrating Black History Month throughout the year – and how Tide and other corporations can amplify the voices of Black business owners.

And if you’re on the lookout for for stocking fillers, a Secret Santa gift or something to spice up your festive meals – M’s hot sauces will bring some much-needed heat to your Christmas shopping list 🔥

Hi Marisa! Tell us about M’s Hotsauce and when you started? 

M’s Hotsauce was born through my love for spice, reinventing old recipes and good food. During the pandemic, I discovered a new found love for cooking and trying new flavours. My children also became more interested in cooking and this made it all the more enjoyable. I started off with making small batches, posting out to friends and family and tweaking my recipe until I got it exactly how I wanted. The overwhelming positive feedback from friends and family inspired and encouraged me to try out new flavours and spices.

You’ve been running M’s Hotsauce for over 3 years. What do you love most about running your company?

Firstly, I am my own BOSS! I can be as creative visually as I want to be and I have increased my confidence, because I know my product. I also get to meet lots of fellow creatives, women in business and lovely members of the public.

Flexibility is key, as I am a mum to two teenagers, so I can plan around my family. And most importantly I LOVE WHAT I DO.

Can you tell us about your products? What’s your favourite one?

M’s Hotsauce currently has two flavours – both are scotch bonnets, based each with their own distinct flavour profile and heat intensity.

  • M’s Classic: For the daring heat seekers, a well balanced hot sauce with an intense kick of heat that’s flavoursome and gets the endorphins going. Perfect paired with most meats and a variety of dishes – a good all rounder. Exceptionally fab on scrambled eggs!
  • M’s Pineapple: A rich sauce with fruity sweet undertones and a nice tangy flavour from the pineapple combining with the heat from scotch bonnets. Great paired with grilled meats, chicken, seafood, BBQ and tropical dishes.

I love them both depending on what I’m eating!

You can learn more about my products and watch me grow my business on Instagram @M_hotsauces.

We celebrated Black History Month in October. What does BHM mean to you?

Well! Everyday is Black History Month to me. I am surrounded by strong Black women who inspire and cheer me on. I learn new things about my heritage and culture everyday.

It highlights the important history of Black people, appreciating our culture and accomplishments. It has also become an opportunity to spotlight and celebrate achievements of Black individuals and their contributions to the UK. Although personally I think we still have a way to go, and Black History should be on the National Curriculum in schools as an option and not just celebrated in the month of October.

What do you think Tide and other corporations can do to amplify the voices of Black business owners?

I think this Member Spotlight programme is a lovely initiative and opportunity, especially for small businesses in the UK to have their voices heard.

What does growing your business look like for you? What’s next for M’s Hotsauce?

I love being my own boss! Running and growing a small business can be tasking. I would love for M’s Hotsauce to become a specialist brand stocked in most shops. I would also love to give something back to my local community, that really shows my gratitude for all the encouragement and support I have received since starting this venture.

What’s your top advice for someone who wants to launch their business?

Research is vital! Know your numbers. This can be very daunting but it’s the best starting point. If you can afford to, set aside some money to invest in learning how to run a business. And last but not least, do what you love and love what you do. 

📷 Header photo by Vickie @niarosebranding

Amina Sinclair-Diallo

Amina Sinclair-Diallo

Midweight Copywriter

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