Powerful business admin features

Our business account and app is designed to save small businesses time and money. Manage your cards from within the app, set-and-forget your auto-categories, integrate with your accountancy software, then get back to doing what you love – growing your business.

Balance and transactions overview - Tide Business Banking App

Keep up to date

See an overview of your balance and all transactions together, with payments listed in seconds.

Auto categorisation for income and expenditure - Tide Business Banking App

Auto categories

Tag income and expenditure with labels of your choice - your accountant will love you for it!

Multiple accounts

Instant switching between separate accounts to keep your business organised.

Easy card management

Easy business account card management preview - Tide Business Banking App

Freeze and unfreeze

Stay in control, lock if you lose it, unlock if you find it again.

Card PIN reminder

Access your PIN in the app. Safe and secure, for your eyes only.

Reorder lost cards

Lost your card? No problem! Order a free replacement in a few taps.

Preview create and pay invoices with a tap - Tide Business Banking App

Create and pay invoices

Easy invoicing through our mobile app. Anytime, anywhere. No more Sunday nights in front of a laptop.

Preview web app for laptops and desktop - Tide Business Banking App

Use at your desk

Access your account on any laptop or desktop. Share read-only access with your accountant or finance team.

All your business account needs in one app

Icon direct debits feature

Direct debits

See and manage any direct debits in the app.

Icon scheduled payments feature

Scheduled payments

Setup or edit standing orders and one off payments easily.

Icon monthly bank statements feature


Monthly statements, download as a PDF with a tap.

Icon transactions CSV export feature

CSV exports and more

Export your transactions in multiple formats or share with your accountant.

Icon Tide accounting integration feature

Accounting integration

Your transaction feed instantly connected to accounting software (including Xero).

Icon account limit management feature

Manage limits

Easily review your account limit and request changes.

Support in the app

Send us a message any time in the app. Our dedicated team are here to help.

Preview Tide banking app chat support

Added app security

Icon Tide app passcode protection

Passcode protected

You account is securely protected with pin, thumbprint or face id verification.

Icon Tide app team access and payment authorisation

Identity verified access

New phone? Scan your ID then take a selfie and you’ll be up and running again.

Open an account in minutes

No queuing or appointment required

  1. Download the app

    On play store or app store

  2. Scan your ID and take a selfie

    To securely verify who you are

  3. Tell us about your company

    Like what you do and any shareholders

  4. Most accounts approved in minutes

    Sometimes we ask for more information

  5. You're up and running!

    Your account is ready to use, we’ll get your card to you in a couple of days.

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