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A virtual registered office address in the heart of London

Register a company and opt for a virtual office to give your business credibility and keep your home address private.

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What is a virtual office address?

A virtual office is a paid service where you can receive a real office address to register your business.

It’s a real office space, but you just don’t happen to work there. You can use a virtual registered office address for your website, to receive post, and to put on your invoices.

When you start a company with Tide, you can select a virtual office address during the registration process and set it all up in one go.


The benefits of a virtual office address


As a registered company address is publicly available on Companies House records, using a virtual office allows you to keep your home address secret, both in print and online.


Establish yourself as a business in the heart of London, but without any of the overhead costs.


Whether you’re a digital nomad, starting a business abroad, or moving address frequently, a virtual address keeps your address consistent. 

Low commitment 

If you’re unsure of the longevity of your business, or you’re scaling rapidly, a virtual office gives you a permanent business address that can be changed at any time.


As a legal address for HMRC correspondence, our virtual office also offers same-day mail scanning so you’ll never miss an official letter.


What virtual office services are included?

If you decide to register for a virtual office, here is what you’ll receive:

  • London registered office address

  • Correspondence address for director

  • Same day mail scanning & email forwarding (unofficial mail such as advertising will be returned to the sender)

  • Limited company formation

  • Tide business bank account

For specific details about our service, take a look at our fact sheet.

How to get a virtual registered office address

Start your business and protect your home address.

  1. New to Tide? If you don’t have an account already, sign up for a free business current account.

  2. Register your company Register a limited company within minutes with our streamlined process, for only £14.99.

  3. Get your address Open your virtual office in a London location. Get set up with a central London address and keep your location private.

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Is a virtual office address right for me?

Our virtual office address is available to everyone and is used by Tide members of all sizes.

But using a virtual office is particularly useful if you are currently:

  • Working from home

  • Remote working

  • Working from abroad

This could be for:

  • Startups who want a more professional business address to build credibility

  • Companies looking to register a London address

  • SMEs who want to open an international office without rental or staff costs

Virtual Office Address FAQs

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