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How do I order Tide Expense Cards?
You can order Tide Expense Cards through your Tide app by going to the 'Payments' tab and tapping 'Cards' > 'Team Expense Cards'. Here you can enter your chosen team member's details and select the account you want the Expense Card to be linked to. If your team member passes our security checks, we'll deliver your Expense Card to your registered address within a week. Anyone with a Tide account is eligible for Expense Cards, and you can have up to 50 Expense Cards per main account.
Is Tide’s Invoicing feature free?
Yes. Invoicing is free for all Tide members to use. You can create and send invoices, as well as customise them with your company logo. Your invoices can be chased and matched to payments automatically with the Tide Invoice Assistant feature. It costs £10 +VAT/month, unless a promotional fee discount applies and it is billed monthly in advance. **Monthly limits to number of free invoices may apply
What are Tide Credit Solutions?
Tide Credit Solutions are available to Tide members as part of Cashflow Insights via the Tide app. We’ll use information from your cash flow data to present you with appropriate, affordable and tailored credit options from our partners. You will already be eligible* for the options we show you, and there’s no obligation to take up any credit offer. You should seek independent financial advice before making any decisions about your financial future, including before entering into loans or purchasing any credit products advertised by Tide.
What is Credit Builder?
Credit Builder helps you build your business’ credit score, and therefore your creditworthiness to credit reference agencies - the people who compile and keep your credit report. It’s a key component of your business as; A high credit score means lenders are more likely to give you access to a wider range of loans and other credit products with lower interest rates, saving you money. Unlike a personal credit score, your business credit score is available for anyone to view. Customers, suppliers and other companies can check it so this directly impacts your day-to-day business dealings – for example, when you’re negotiating contracts or tenders, or when you’re looking for insurance.

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