Open banking

What is open banking?

Open banking is an easy way to connect your bank account to apps and platforms that can help you do more with your money.

It’s safe and secure, fully regulated, trusted by over 6 million people in the UK, and you can stop sharing any time you want to.

Connect your existing account to Tide for access to powerful accounting and invoicing tools, cash flow analysis, and business loans.

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How does open banking work?

Open banking works when you give your bank permission to share your account data securely with another regulated provider, like Tide.

We then use this data to help you improve your business invoicing, accounting, cash flow, access to credit – and more.

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Connect your bank account quickly and securely

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Share your data safely with regulated providers only

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Unlock products and services for better money management

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Join the 6m UK people who use open banking securely

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Get visibility and control, and stop sharing any time

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Unlock the best of Tide with open banking

Connecting your bank account to the Tide platform gives you access to features and products that reduce your money admin – and boost your bottom line.

So you can enjoy the best of Tide, without having to switch your current account.

View funding and business loans tailored to you

We’ll run pre-eligibility checks to show you credit options you could be eligible for. Perfect for boosting cash flow or getting your business idea off the ground.

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Get built-in accounting software for easy reporting

Self Assessment calculations, VAT returns, profit and loss reports, balance sheets… handle all your small business accounting needs with our built-in software. Free until April 2023.

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Use our smart invoicing tool for faster payments

Create and send personalised invoices. We’ll match incoming payments to outstanding invoices, so you know who has paid – and who to chase. All for free.

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Let Cashflow Insights help you avoid shortfalls

Get automated cash flow forecasts for up to 30 days ahead, advance warning of any problems, and tailored actions to keep your business finances healthy.

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Connect to Tide

Connect your bank account to Tide in 5 easy steps

You can connect your bank account to Tide securely in just 5 minutes:

  1. Enter your email address and mobile phone number

  2. Read and accept our open banking terms and conditions

  3. Select the bank that provides the account you’re connecting

  4. Authenticate the connection via your bank’s app or website

  5. Tell us some basic information about you and your business. And that's it!

Connect to Tide

Open banking FAQs

Can I connect more than one bank account to Tide?

Yes, but you can only do this during your initial sign-up. When you click Connect to Tide, you’ll enter our sign-up process. Here, you can choose to connect more than one bank account – but you won’t be able to add any more after this.

I’ve got a Tide business account. Can I still connect the account I have with another bank?

No. But we understand this would be a useful feature for Tide members, so it’s currently in development and we hope to make it available in early 2023.

Once I’m connected, do I stay connected forever?

No. Every 90 days, we’ll ask you to re-authenticate the connection between Tide and your business bank account.

If you don’t do this, the connection will expire and you will no longer be able to access the Tide platform with that bank account.

How do you use my banking data?

We only use your data for the reason you gave us access to it. When you connect to Tide, you authorise us to access your current account for the purposes of using the Tide platform and accessing additional services – and that’s all we do.

We don’t (and can’t) access any other data about your relationship with your bank, for example details about credit cards, mortgages, or any other banking products you have.

Is open banking safe?

Open banking works via a secure application programming interface (API), which is a safe and commonly-used method for two computer programs to share information. 

If you’re already using your bank’s mobile app or online banking facility, open banking is just as safe as that.

The open banking system has strict standards and regulations about which providers can participate, and the security of the technology they must use.