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    Goodbye spreadsheets, hello machine learning!

    Revolutionise your business forecasting! No more updating spreadsheets- with Cashflow Insights, all this is done for you!

    Combining analysis of your account activity with machine learning models, Cashflow Insights provides real-time predictions and recommendations on how to keep your cash flow healthy.

    What’s more, with our Open Banking integration, you can connect your Tide account, as well as any other business accounts you may have. Cashflow Insights will then analyse the data from all your connected accounts. The more activity, the more personalised your forecasts will be.


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    Tide Cashflow Insights will be available in mid-2021 via the Tide app. Sign up here and we'll email you when it's ready to use.

    To use Cashflow Insights, you must be:

    • the director of a small business registered in the UK
    • operating as a limited company

      Thanks for registering your interest in Cashflow Insights. We'll email you when it is available.

      Sign up now - we’ll email you when Cashflow Insights is available.

      Access Cashflow Insights from your Tide app

      Find out how to access your cash flow analysis directly from your Tide mobile app.


      Make informed decisions and improve your cash flow

      Our mission is to help you navigate your financial future. With Cashflow Insights, receive an up-to-date forecast in seconds, helping you keep your finances in the black.

      • Predict your cash flow 📈

        Get intelligent insights and balance predictions on the health of your cash flow up to 30 days ahead.

      • View smart recommendations 🔍

        Access a list of recommended actions you can take to keep your cash flow in good shape.

      • Improve your credit score 🌱

        Use the Experian Credit score within the app to monitor and boost your credit rating.

      • Open up your options for funding 💷

        No more high-interest bank loans. We’ll offer you eligible and affordable funding with our credit options.

      Cashflow Insights FAQs

      Do I need a Tide account to use Cashflow Insights?

      Yes, you will need to open a FREE Tide account to be able to use Cashflow Insights. However, once you access Cashflow Insights, you can simply use Open Banking with your existing bank account. We will then analyse this data and provide you with insights and predictions if your Tide account has no activity.

      What goes into a cash flow forecast?

      A cash flow forecast is a report that will estimate how much money will flow in and out of your business over a given period. It will take into consideration information such as estimated sales, income, and general business expenditure, such as staff costs, stock, and advertising.

      Tide’s Cashflow Insights will analyse activity on your account(s) with machine learning models and provide predictions of the balance of your cash flow for the next 30 days.

      What is positive and negative cash flow?

      Positive cash flow means your business is in receipt of more cash coming in than has been paid out. Negative cash flow results from having more expenditure (eg on stock, promotions, staff salaries) than you have income.

      What causes cash flow problems?

      A cash flow problem can occur when a business struggles to pay its debts when they are due. A business, and particularly a start-up, may experience a negative cash flow if they have to invest in new equipment, a large quantity of stock or if they are in an industry that experiences seasonal drops in demand.

      How does Cashflow Insights work?

      Unlike a traditional spreadsheet, you can connect Cashflow Insights directly to your business accounts. It will then use a combination of your account activity, as well as machine learning models to produce real-time business forecasts and predictions for your cash flow up to 30 days ahead.

      As well as predictions, it will also give you recommended actions you can take in order to keep your cash flow healthy. You will also be able to access eligible credit options tailored to your business.

      What is Cashflow Insights?

      Cashflow Insights is our cash flow planning and forecasting tool. It combines several Tide features to provide you with easy-to-read insights, balance, and payment predictions. You will also get recommendations to help you to plan for the future and optimise your cash flow all in the Tide app. If you need credit, you’ll also have access to eligible and affordable funding options.

      Cashflow Insights is available to use via the Tide app.

      To use Cashflow Insights, you must be the director of a small business registered in the UK, operating as a limited company or sole trader.

      How do I sign up for Cashflow Insights?

      It’s easy. At, submit the email address you use for your Tide account.

      We’ll email you to confirm you’re on the priority list to try this new feature and we’ll message you again when it’s ready to use.

      When will Cashflow Insights be ready to use?

      We’re developing Cashflow Insights now and we’re aiming to launch it in early 2021.

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