Tide Net Zero

Why are we taking a two-pronged approach?

We at Tide believe it’s vital to start our Net Zero journey now. It’s better to take a strong stand early on and signpost clear intention, thereby laying the groundwork for what’s to come in our Net Zero journey.

By investing in carbon removals now alongside carbon reductions we are leading from the front. We hope other fintechs, as well as our Members, join us on this journey.

We want to do the right thing for the planet and create a more sustainable future by acting now. We also want to control our own destiny. We don’t want to be mandated to act when the timing might not suit our business or our stakeholders. With the purchase of 3,711 tonnes of CO2, Tide shows it’s possible to become 100% removal Net Zero (from 2022) now, and not wait for 2030. 

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