Card Reader POS

Why have my Tide POS transactions been declined or failed?

If a card payment fails, you can try again. Typical reasons for a payment failing include incorrect dip, swipe or tap of cards or potentially even a connection issue. These issues can usually be resolved when the card transaction is tried again or by ensuring POS device is connected to WiFi or has internet connectivity. Another reason for a payment being declined or failing is that the Payment Links function may be temporarily unavailable. In the rare event of this occurring, the customer would see a notification advising that this method of payment is currently unavailable. They would then need to make their payment by bank transfer instead. Another reason might be that an expired or damaged card is being used and Tide POS is unable to read the card OR the customer has disabled/blocked cards with their banks OR their cards do not have sufficient balance or credit limit. In such cases, the customer needs to contact their bank to rectify the issue.

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